Sarawak Pepper, white Peppercorns

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Sarawak Pepper white grains

  • White Sarawak pepper from Borneo
  • tastes peppery with sweet musky nuances
  • ideal for the pepper mill
  • suitable for all dishes for seasoning
  • do not cook with it otherwise; it loses its aroma

Sarawak Pepper - white Peppercorns- Aroma

Sarawak pepper white has sweet - musky nuances with the typical peppery aroma. Thus, he refines dishes without overlaying them. It is one of the lighter peppers and is very popular in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Culinary use

White Sarawak pepper is ideal for the pepper mill, and you can season all dishes with it. You use White pepper for light sauces, salads, and fish.

Botany & Origin Information about Sarawak Pepper

Pepper is the fruit of the tropical tendril plant Piper Nigrum, whereby white pepper is harvested at full maturity when the pepper berries turn reddish. The outer shell dissolves after the pepper soaks in water for a few days, and the white pepper grain remains.

This pepper gets ist name Sarawak from ist country of origin. You find Sarawak in the northwestern part of the island of Borneo, which belongs to Malaysia. This region borders the Kalimantan to the south and southeast. Besides the famous Sultanate of Brunei to the northeast, as well as the Maformian state of Sabah. Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia, and ist administrative capital Kuching is the home to the region's largest exporters. The pepper plantations' development results in a rise of the population to 600,000 inhabitants in this region.

Storage of pepper & spices

Please store this pepper in a dark, cold, and dry place. It is best to refill the peppercorns into a spice glass with a lid. That way, they are closed airtight and dry. Store all your spices in a place without exposure to the sun. The ideal bearing temperature is 15 °C.

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