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Muntok White Pepper grows native in Bangka, an Indonesian island off Sumatra and it's a white pepper grain. It is one of the most widely sold white pepper varieties in Europe, as it is grown in large quantities and for a long time at its place of origin. In recent years, however, production has fallen sharply due to the depleted soil. Because of this, pepper prices rose to astronomical heights. Buy here exquisite spices

Where does pepper grow?

Pepper is a tropical vine plant and it grows in the following regions of this world.

  • Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia
  • on the Indian subcontinent
  • Madagascar
  • Brazil
  • Africa

Does white, black and green pepper come from different plants?

No, white, black and green pepper does not come from different plants, but from one and the same. Their difference is the time of harvest and the subsequent processing.

The pepper plant belongs to the family of pepper plants - Piperaceae and is a tropical vine plant that can grow up to 30 years old. From the third year, this pepper plant bears fruit and can be harvested twice a year. In the wild it has a height of 10 meters but in commercial cultivation it is kept at 3-4 meters to facilitate the harvest.

The leaves of the pepper plant are heart-shaped. The plant is hermaphroditic and the flowers pollinate each other from which the pepper fruits are produced. These then cling to 3-15 cm long panicles and are first green and red at maturity.

How is white pepper Muntok produced?

The production of white pepper Muntok is more elaborate than that of black pepper. The white pepper is fully ripe when the pepperberries on the panicles turn red. Then they are placed for about a week, in a basin with slowly flowing water, so that the outer shell soaks in and later can be solved mechanically. What remains is then the heart of the pepper, the white grain, which is dried in dry rooms or under the sun.

Why is white pepper more expensive than black pepper?

White pepper is more expensive than black pepper for several reasons. First, the production is more complex. Second, there are larger crop losses due to the longer ripening time of the berries. Not only Due to bad weather which can destroy the crop, but also the loss by bird's bites. Ripe berries are incredibly attractive to birds as opposed to unripe berries from which black pepper is made. This crop loss will be offset with a higher sales price.

How does white pepper Muntok taste?

White Muntok pepper tastes sharp, austere-chilly, with a light, sweetish aftertaste, and has aromas of eucalyptus and hay.

Pepper is used in every dish. Where the white is also used more in light dishes and where we want to bring more sharp than woody flavor. He refines fish, poultry, salads, light sauces, but also flambéed pineapple.

Personally, I always have white pepper on the table in a pepper mill. With this I spice up all dishes for extra sharpness. Ground pepper quickly loses its aroma and should be consumed quickly.

You can also make your own pepper mix with Muntok pepper. Just put your favorite pepper in a mill and try it. There is always something new to discover in the world of spices and flavors.

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