Green Pepper, India

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Green Pepper, India

Green peppercorns from India - buy spices here on-line.

The production

The green peppercorns are harvested in an immature state, in contrast to the black and white pepper. Then the enzyme responsible for the black coloration is destroyed. This happens by boiling the pepper in water. Only after this process, in the next phase, the drupes are dried. In order to preserve the color of the green pepper, it is dried with the technique of vacuum in high-temperature ovens.

The aroma and its culinary uses

The aroma of green pepper is much fresher and fruitier compared to the other colors. It is definitely less spicy than traditional pepper. It is ideal for seasoning fish dishes as well as white and red meat. Think of the traditional dish of Italian cuisine, the famous Filetto al Pepe Verde, or the many other dishes made with vegetables or vegetable soups. Green pepper goes with all of them.

Dried green pepper has become in recent years more prevalent in the European cuisine. A usual household application is to mix it with other varieties in the pepper mill. Many people also add allspice grains to the four pepper types (white-black-red and green) to create the famous Creole blend.

The chefs of the French cuisine have also refined this spice with vanilla. You can also buy this exclusive mixture in our on-line shop under the name BORNEO.

In South America, it is increasingly used as an ingredient in Barbecue mixtures.

The green pepper has a mineral aftertaste and marinated distinguished with olive oil steak. It is sparse, easy to grind and can be used as a universal spice. Also for simple aromatic preparations.


In order to store the green peppers optimally, avoid direct sunlight, avoid extremely humid places. Store it in glass containers with screw caps.

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