Peppercorn blend - Sarawak Fantasia

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Peppercorn blend Sarawak Fantasia

  • Peppercorn blend Sarawak Fantasia - delicate pepper mix
  • aromatic, fruity & spicy
  • for the pepper mill
  • vegetables, fish & meat, soups, stews & salads.

Peppercorn blend Sarawak Fantasia- aromatic mixture

Peppercorn blend Sarawak Fantasia is a refined pepper mixture of all three peppers, green, black, white of the Piper Nirgum variety, mixed with the pink Brazilian pepper berries. This pepper mixture made from whole peppercorns is an orchestra of pepper flavors. Also highly decorative in a transparent pepper mill.

How does the peppercorn mix taste?

The colorful peppercorn mixture combines all the flavors of the pepper. It tastes fresh and fruity due to the green pepper, musky from the white, spicy & spicy from the black and last but not least, fruity floral and slightly sweet from the pink pepper. This spice mix goes well with many hearty dishes.

Culinary use of mixed pepper berries

This pepper mixture is ideal for fried or grilled dishes. You can season fish, steak, vegetables, and chicken fillets with it. You can use this pepper ideally when seasoning after cooking, so its flavors develop entirely.

Pepper types & production differences

Sarawak peppercorns green, white and black all come from the same plant; their appearance and taste result from the time of harvest and the various processing.

Green pepper berries are harvested unripe, placed in a water bath, and then dried. They are not as sharp as black ones.

The black pepper berries are also harvested unripe, but somewhat later than the green ones. On the first night after the harvest, they turn black. It happens due to the fermentation of a pepper's enzyme.

The production of white pepper berries is more complicated. First of all, the harvest time is a bit later, but there is an additional step in the production. The pepper berries have to be soaked so that the outer shell can be removed because the white pepper is the heart of the pepper berries. It is one of the most famous pepper mixes in Europe.

Usage tips

You can use this pepper mixture whole, crushed in a mortar or ground through a pepper mill. It can also serve as a base pepper mixture that you can further refine with other pepper types according to your taste.

Ingredients: green, black & white pepper, Brazilian pepper berries

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