Black Pepper crushed, Steak Pepper coarse 1/8 grain

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Black crushed pepper - steakpepper

Black crushed pepper is roughly crushed to 2-3 mm (1/8 grain) and is very popular for steak and is therefore known to many under the name steak pepper. It refines not only the luxurious beef fillet steak, but also Tomahawk and T-bone steak. It is also suitable for marinating pork chops or poultry for the next barbecue. But he also likes grilled vegetables, halloumi or salads.

Besides salt, pepper is the essential spice for dishes worldwide. Without it, a crucial thing would be missing. Black pepper has a warm, slightly woody and pungent aroma. It spices up their meals without overlaying them.

Black pepper crushed for homemade steak pepper spice mixes.

The crushed black pepper is particularly suitable as a basis for homemade steak pepper mixtures. If you like pepper as much as I do, I can recommend two great combinations.

Homemade steak pepper

Mix the crushed pepper with ground / crushed cubeb and long pepper.

Mix crushed black pepper with crushed voatsiperifery (citrus note), green Orlandoidee pepper, a dash of chili pepper, and some long pepper.

Interesting facts about the pepper plant

The pepper plant Piperaceae is a tropical creeper and very sensitive. It is mainly cultivated commercially in India, Asia, and Brazil.

The black pepper is the still unripe pepper berries. However, they are a bit more mature when harvested than green pepper, which means that the first stone fruits of the 10 cm long ear begin to turn yellow. Then the berries are freed from the panicles and left in the first after themselves.

On this first night, the green-yellowish outer shells of the peppercorns turn black. It happens due to the fermentation of its enzymes, and the next day you start drying. After drying, which occurs either under the sun or in drying rooms, the black peppercorns are selected and packaged.

Pepper goes well with all spices.

Storage: Please store in a cold, dark, and dry place.