Red Long Pepper, Kampot, Cambodia

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Red Long Pepper, Piper Retrofactum, Kampot variety

  • Red long pepper is a Kampot variety and has its origin in Cambodia.
  • hot with sweet flavors of chocolate and tonka beans

Red Long Pepper - Its aroma

The aroma of long red Pepper is intense. This Pepper has a pungent taste, like black Pepper but with a surprisingly sweet flavor of tonka beans, and dark chocolate.

Culinary Use

  • This Pepper goes well with casseroles in wine sauce.
  • He also refines vegetarian dishes, such as grilled or stewed vegetables
  • It's the ideal Pepper for refining & nbsp; of ice creams like sorbet or strawberry ice cream.
  • Piper Retrofractum also goes well with seasoning meat, game, and poultry
  • This Pepper can part of every barbeque. Hand it in a pepper mill with other peppercorns like cubeb pepper, voatsiperifery, etc. You will be delighted.


Rub the piper longum on a spice grater just like nutmeg or cut it with a pair of scissors and then put it in a pepper mill.

What is Red Long Pepper?

Red long pepper Piper Retrofactum belongs to the plant genus Piper longum and is part of the pepper family - Piperaceae. It is the Balinese long Pepper that grows in Cambodia of the Kampot variety. There it carries the name Dei-Phlei.

The piper longum variety was the first Pepper that reached Europe at the time of Alexander the Great. During that period, pepper grains were unknown in Europe. But Later on, when the black Pepper came to Europe, they were replaced by them. The long Pepper is the original eponym of the genus Pepper - Piper.

What makes this pepper special? Why is it so hard to get on the world market?

This Pepper is unique because it is a late harvest pepper. When the pepper fruits are mature and turn their color to reddish-brown, it is difficult to match this level of maturity. Farmers have to pay close attention so that they do not pas the needed level of maturity. There is an enormous risk for the farmer to lose their crop if they do. Even sudden weather changes, and he is ruined.


Please store your spices cold, airtight, dry, and naturally light-protected.

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