Red Long Pepper, Cambodia

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 Red Long Pepper. This red long pepper has its origin in Cambodia and is a true pepper rarity. Buy here from Orlandosidee® rare herbs and spices.

Red long pepper is called Latin Piper longum. It belongs to the & nbsp; plant species of the pepper plants - piperaceae. It is also called rod pepper, jamborandi or Bengali pepper. It was the first pepper that reached Europe at the time of Alexander the Great. It was used for a very long time before & nbsp; the Pepper Grains known to us today have replaced the long pepper & nbsp;. The long Pepper is the original eponym of the genus Pepper - Piper.

What distinguishes this long pepper, however, is that it was harvested at full ripe, namely, when its color was already reddish brown. It is very difficult to match this special level of maturity. There is a great risk for the farmer to leave his pepper on the trees for so long, because if he does not pay close attention and the weather suddenly changes, his pepper is spoiled. That is also the reason why there is not so much of this special pepper variety on the world market. Not & nbsp; Many pepper farmers may take this big risk.

Red Long Pepper - Its aroma

The aroma of red long pepper is very intense.

This pepper has a pungent taste, like black pepper but with a surprisingly sweet aroma of dark chocolate and tonka bean.

Culinary Use

  • The red long pepper goes well with casseroles in wine sauce.
  • He also refines vegetarian dishes, such as grilled or stewed vegetables
  • It's the ideal pepper for refining & nbsp; of ice creams like sorbet or strawberry ice cream.
  • Red long pepper also goes well with seasoning meat, game and poultry
  • The long pepper red is part of every barbeque. & Nbsp; Hand it in a pepper mill with other peppercorns like kubeben pepper, voatsiperifery etc. You will be delighted & nbsp;


Rub the red long pepper with a spice gently like a nutmeg or cut it with a pair of scissors and then put it in a pepper mill

Storage: cool, airtight, dry and naturally light-protected like all spices.

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