Roter Lang Pfeffer wird bei voller reife geerntet und ist daher rötlich- braun und intensiver im Geschmack als der herkömmliche Lange Pfeffer.

Red Long Pepper, Cambodia

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 Red Long Pepper


Red Long Pepper, Cambodia

Red long pepper, piper longum is a plant species of the genus pepper and comes from Cambodia.

Long pepper is widely cultivated in India and a main component in the Indian cuisine.

This red long pepper is harvested at full maturity and has therefore its reddish color and an intense aroma.

Red Long Pepper has a sharp taste like black pepper. Its aroma, however, is sweet and goes well with chocolate desserts .
For many, long pepper is unknown, but it was actually the first pepper in Europe at the time of Alexander the Great. After the 17th century it was replaced by Black Pepper.

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