Coriander seeds - Coriandrum Sativum

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Coriander seeds their Latin name is Coriandrum sativum -buy on-line in Europe's Spice Shop

Coriander seeds, whole spice - Coriandrum sativum, also known as Cilantro.

Coriander seeds - Coriandrum sativum - Cilantro are actually the fruits of the plant of the umbelliferae family (Apiaceae). It is an annual plant that grows between 30 and 90 cm high. The coriander fruits are spherical, vertically matured and hollow inside. Their color is yellow to brown and their size ranges from 2.5-5 mm in diameter. We use the seeds as a spice and the green young leaves as a herb in the kitchen. In Asian countries, the roots are also used.

Coriander: the harvest

The harvest takes place before the fruit reaches maturity from July to August, when the seeds start to turn from green to yellow-brown. According to ancient tradition, the cut plant is allowed to wither for a few days before being threshed. The seeds are then dried under the sun before they are sifted and packaged.

Origin and history

It is said that the coriander originally comes from Spain. It was also known by the Egyptians and probably very popular. It was found among other spices during excavations of ancient Pharaohs tombs such as the pharaoh Tutankhamun. The Greeks and Romans valued it not only as a spice and an additive to wine making, but also as a remedy.

Its aroma

The coriander has a slightly peppery, very fine, sweet taste reminiscent of orange peel. Its scent is flowery, sweet and spicy and therefore looks seductive and oriental. Our coriander seduces with its particularly intense aroma, thanks to the intense sunshine and the rich soil of Andalusia.

Coriander is one of the oldest spices in the world. It is popular in many countries and it is used extensively. Due to its mild taste you can spice generously with cilantro in comparison to other spices like cumin.

Culinary use of cilantro

Its musk-like and lemon-like perfume is ideal for the preparation of seafood, fish and rice. It refines a pepper marinade and enchants a fresh pineapple or orange. To preserve its full flavor, lightly fry the cilantro in a pan before chopping it and adding it to the food of your choice.

Coriander is still considered the bread spice par excellence (Franconian peasant bread). Furthermore, it spices meat, fish, vegetables especially potatoes and carrots, but also legumes. It belongs in hummus and vegetables couscous. Many North African dishes use coriander and it is also present in many spice blends. Rasel - Hanout, Tabil, African Rub, Baharat, Berbere, Carioca, Colorado, in many curry mixes as well as Masala.

Do you like to prepare compote? Then there should be no coriander here with apple, plum or bee compote.

Coriander can be combined very well with other spices. Give it a try. Here is a small list of spices that go well with coriander. Fennel, ginger, caraway, garlic, mace, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, chili, allspice, nutmeg.

Storage of cilantro

Please consume ground coriander quickly. Whole coriander can be stored cool and dry. In addition, please protect it from direct sunlight.

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