Mulled wine spices & Punch Mix Tiroler

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Mulled wine spices, Punch mix Tiroler

Our excellent mulled wine spices mixture Tiroler is suitable for the production of delicious mulled wine, children's punch, desserts, and sauces. Buy online here in the packaging size of your choice: from 50 gr - 1 kg.

The mulled wine spices mixture exudes an irresistible spicy fragrance. It is an aromatic mixture for the production of mulled wine & punch.

What is the spice mix used for?

Everyone loves to drink, on cold evenings, after a nice walk by the lake. When the snow is in the air and the evenings get longer. Cuddle up in a blanket at home and drink a glass made with our Tiroler spice mix. It is mixed from whole spices and consists of warm aromatic star anise, fruity and bitter orange peel, tangy ginger, warm woody, and sweetly spicy cinnamon and cloves. For the production you need a good wine of your choice, which you heat (but not boil) and then add one tablespoon of our spice mixture, after 10 minutes of brewing it is off and enjoy it. For your children, they can replace the wine with red juice.

Culinary use of mulled wine spices

Do you know what the best thing about this spice mixture is? You can also use them to make a refreshing summer punch. To do this, heat a liter of red juice of your choice and add 1 tbsp of our spice mixture, let it steep for 10 minutes, and be it off. Then they put it cold and enjoy it even on hot summer days.

You can also grind this spice mixture in a coffee grinder and use it to prepare desserts (chocolate mousse or ice cream creations with mulled wine seasoning) or sauces (for Christmas goose). Let your imagination run wild and give it a try. If you don't like alcohol, you can also use this mixture to make a spicy aromatic tea. Put a teaspoon of the seasoning in a pot of black tea and let it steep for 10 minutes.

Ingredients: star anise, organic orange peel, ginger, cloves, cinnamon


Please store your spices and mixtures in airtight containers (e.g., jars with screw caps) in a dry, cold, and dark place.

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