Green Hawaiian Style Salt, Bamboo Jade

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Green Hawaiian Style Salt with green tea extract .

Hawaii salt green with the healthy properties of green teas

Hawaii salt is on trend. More and more people are discovering the variety of different salts with different grains and subtle aromas. If you are looking for new culinary discoveries, you should definitely try green Hawaiian salt. This specialty scores with green tea extract, which gives the salt the characteristic green color and reminds in taste of herbs. The salt is irregularly grained and thus also visually an eye-catcher. Top chefs have discovered the green gourmet salt first, now green Hawaiian Syle salt conquers the kitchens of the world. The fine salt with a subtle tea taste can be used in many ways in the kitchen. It is particularly popular in Asian cuisine. Like all coloured salts, this green salt is in demand as a decorative element by creative chefs. It seasons and enriches the appearance of fine food with the unusual green hue.

Hawaii - the home of colored salts

In Hawaii, salt is particularly honored. This is why it is traditionally used not only for the preservation of meat and fish, but also in healing and purifying rituals. The origin of the Hawaiian salt extraction is the peninsula Molokai. Here it is extracted from the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. The process is complex. First, the sea salt dries under the sun. This is followed by cleaning and sieving. The majority of the sea salt thus obtained is marketed as white salt. Only a small part is further processed and refined into sought-after specialities.

The Pacific island of Hawaii is not only known for its natural beauties, beaches, volcanoes and rainforests. But also for a whole color palette of aromatic salts: White, red, black and just green salt enriches the Hawaiian cuisine and is now exported from the island to the whole world. The colors are based on natural admixtures such as coal or red earth. Salt extraction and export has become an important economic factor for Hawaii.

Healthy green tea extract

How does the green get into Hawaiin salt? Healthy green tea gives our Hawaiian Style Salt that certain something. Green tea not only tastes good, but is also appreciated by connoisseurs for its health-promoting properties. It has an antibacterial effect and contains many healthy vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, green tea is well tolerated and milder than black tea. The fresh, mild taste of green tea makes green salt a real rarity. Along with the healthy properties of natural sea salt, which is particularly rich in minerals and trace elements, Hawaiian Style Salt is as tasty as it is healthy.

Hawaii Salt Green for Asian Dishes

Hawaii salt, the proverbial salt in the soup must not be missing at any meal. Nowadays, this particular salt is much more than a basic ingredient in everyday cuisine. Refined and refined salts invite you to culinary discoveries and imaginative creations. First discovered in haute cuisine, the flavored green salt from Hawaii also conquers the kitchens of foodies around the world. The sea salt with the fine green tea note fits particularly well with Asian rice dishes. In addition, green salt also refines vegetables, poultry and seafood and goes with spicy soups and sauces. Aromatized salt is an excellent base for marinades. The unusual green colourofing of the salt is particularly evident on light dishes. Scattered over a dish as a crowning conclusion, green sea salt peps up culinary creations and becomes a topic of conversation among guests.

Hawaii Salt Culinary Souvenir

Hawaii salt is part of the basic equipment of any kitchen and is used daily. In many places there is still the old tradition of giving salt and bread when moving into a new apartment.

Why not surprise the host with a culinary souvenir at the next invitation? The fine precious salt with the surprising green tea aroma results in an attractive and useful gift, whose use in everyday kitchens are hardly limited.

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