Black Salt, Black Lava Sea Salt, Hawaii

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Black Salt -Hawaiian  Sea Salt Black Lava

  • Black Salt Hawaii, the black Lava Sea Salt is a culinary highlight on your plates
  • Salt with vegetable activated carbon ideal for decorating
  • Ingredients: sea salt, vegetarian active charcoal 2%

Black Salt from Hawaii ensures an unforgettable taste explosion

Black Salt from Hawaiian is of outstanding importance among international gourmets and in the fine cuisine because this unique spice has it all. In addition to sea salt as the principal ingredient, it has a unique mix of valuable minerals and natural additives. Vegetable activated carbon is responsible for the particularly bright, black color. Other common names for it are black lava salt or black pearl.

Black Lava gets its typical black color from activated carbon

The activated carbon in black Hawaii salt is of natural origin. It is highly pure and, as a so-called antioxidant, it also supports digestion. The island of Molokai is the origin of it, and here the production takes place. However, we know even other regions in which they extract it as well. The manufacturing processes are often quite similar. First, they filter Seawater from the Pacific Ocean for this purpose. Then they obtain this typical product in a complex and closed system, where it gets its black color.

Black Hawaii salt has a balanced mineralization

Indian cuisine uses black Lava, but it is also very popular as an exclusive seasoning for other traditional dishes from different countries. In India, you find it even in the unique blend Chat Masala. In particular, certain types of fruit, but also salads from vegetables, give the salt a particularly refined taste. Anyone who tastes and savors it on its own will notice that it has a somewhat softer taste than conventional sea salt. The particularly tasty peculiarity also comes from the approximately 90 different minerals and trace elements contained in it.

Not more than 6 grams of salt a day

In the cuisine, this marvelous product is recommended for seasoning a variety of marinades, sauces, salads, grilled meat, fish, or scallops. Not only top chefs appreciate the unusual taste, but also the exotic color and the decorative character of this salt. It is also in the style and imagination of the cook to what extent he uses black lava to refine the taste of dishes or for their optimal and optical arrangement. As a rule, use it sparingly to give many dishes an interesting visual note.

Black lava Hawaii salt is ideal for finishing

In the mouth, this delicate product initially stands out due to its somewhat crispy consistency. Then the typical nutty and slightly salty taste unfolds in its full breadth. This specialty, with a high proportion of activated carbon, is remarkably tasty. Black lava salt is typically suitable for finishing, which means that it does not boil with the food for a long time, but you add it to the dishes shortly before serving. That is why it is also suitable for roasting or grilled meat for barbecuing. To experience the taste of it, enjoy a few grains on a slice of bread with a dash of olive oil.

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