Hawaii Salt, Aalea black

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Black Hawaii Salt , black Alaea,  Dekor Salt

Ingredients: Seasalt. vegetarian activated Carbon 2%

Hawaii Salt Black, Black Alaea, Decorative Salt

Hawaii salt - black - an unforgettable taste explosion

Black Hawaiian salt is rightly of outstanding importance among international gourmets and in fine cuisine. Because this special salt actually has it in it. In addition to sea salt as the main ingredient, Hawaii Salt black has a very special mix of valuable minerals and natural additives. Vegetable activated charcoal is responsible for the particularly luminous black colouring. It is also the activated carbon that makes the black lava, as the salt is also called, sparkle really nicely black in the sunlight. Other names also common for black Hawaiian salt are lava salt or black pearl.

The typical black color gets black lava through vegetable activated carbon

The activated carbon in black Hawaiian salt is of natural origin. It is highly clean and acts as a so-called antioxidant but also promotes digestion. The island of Molokai is the origin of the black Hawaiian salt, so it is extracted there. However, other regions where black salt is extracted are now known. The manufacturing processes are often very similar. Seawater is first filtered from the Pacific Ocean for this purpose. Afterwards, the typical black salt is obtained in an elaborate and closed system. Subsequently, vegetable activated charcoal is added to the salt, which gives the special salt its black colouring.

Black Hawaiian salt has a balanced mineralization

Black Lava is mainly used in fine and traditional Indian cuisine, but it is also very popular as an exclusive condiment with other traditional dishes from different countries. In Indian cuisine, black salt is typically also contained in a very special spice mixture, the Chat Masala. In particular, certain fruits as well as salads from vegetables, the salt gives a particularly refined taste. If you try and enjoy black Hawaiian salt once pure, you will find that it is a little milder in taste than conventional sea salt. The particularly tasteful peculiarity also comes from the approximately 90 different minerals and trace elements, which are contained in black Hawaii salt.

Salt is usually used sparingly

In the fine cuisine, this wonderful salt is also used to season a wide variety of marinades, sauces, salads or grilled meat, fish or scallops. Not only top chefs appreciate the unusual taste, but also the exotic color and the decorative character of this salt. It is therefore also in the cooking's design and imagination to what extent Hawaii salt black serves to refine the taste of dishes or to make them optimal and visual. As a rule, it is used very sparingly, but this is already quite sufficient to give many tasty dishes a particularly interesting visual touch.

Black Hawaiian salt is great for finishing

In the mouth, the black Hawaiian salt first stands out due to its rather crispy consistency, before the typical nutty and slightly salty taste can unfold in its entire width. The special Black Sea salt with a high proportion of activated charcoal is extremely tasty and often has some residual moisture. For this reason, it is not suitable for use in salt mills or only after complete drying. Black lava salt is typically suitable for finishing, which means that it does not cook long with the food, but is only added to the dishes shortly before serving. This is why it is also suitable for frying or grilled meat at the barbecue, for example. In order to experience the own taste of black Hawaiian salt on your own palate, it is recommended to enjoy a few salt grains on a slice of black bread with a splash of olive oil.

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Ingredients: sea salt, Vegetable Activated Carbon 2%

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