Maras Mountain Salt

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Maras Mountain Salt, Peru - Buy online here in Europe's Spice Shop

Origin and cultivation

The Maras salt is also called white gold and comes from the Peruvian Andes. Here it is produced at about 3000 meters above sea level in basins.

The process of manufacturing and processing is complex and difficult. There are very harsh environmental conditions at this altitude, such as the low oxygen concentration in the air.

This salt is extracted from the spring water of the Andes. The spring water is passed into hand-made salt tanks. These are terraced and have an average height of about 10 cm.

The sun lets the water evaporate through its heat. The salt remains in the basin, which is then harvested by hand. Because of this incident, the Maras salt also has a residual moisture, similar to the Fleur de Sel. Its structure is, however, coarser and firmer.

The salt is transported to the valley after being harvested by local families through pack animals.

Culinary recommendation

It is a salt with a coarse structure, with a strong, intense and penetrating, but round taste.

This salt is a true gourmet salt. It refines fish, vegetables and meat. It has a light pink color and is also suitable as table salt for seasoning.

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