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Kalahari Salt Coarse - South African Gourmet Salt

Coarse Kalahari salt is a salt from the Kalahari desert. You can buy spices and salt in different container sizes, and you can choose from 100 g to 5 kg. The Kalahari "Silver Chrystel Gourmet Salt" comes from an underground salt lake in the South African Kalahari Desert, on the border with Namibia. This natural salt deposit (extremely salty water) is also over 300 million years old. The basin created from the separation of the Pangea supercontinent is also protected from environmental influences. Kalahari whole salt has an elegant and pure, non-aggressive taste and is said to be one of the world's healthiest. The "coarse" quality crystals are also suitable for salt mills. A beautiful and decorative salt of intense white color, the purity of which is legendary.

Reasons for the organoleptic properties

Kalahari salt is free from additives and external environmental pollutants, and as rock salt, one of the purest in the world. The distance to population centers and a hostile environment have preserved this salt for millions of years. Indigenous peoples initially used this underground deposit with very salty water. They kept this place secret and thus created a mysterious aura around this place. Only in recent years have the natives made a strong commitment to dismantling and marketing the product.

Salt production in the Kalahari desert

The salt is produced using the following procedure. The groundwater contained in these natural deposits is very salty. Every morning, employees pump the water into so-called salt pans that are above ground. During the day, due to the scorching African sun, the water evaporates, and the salt crystals remain. Only once a month, when all the liquid has evaporated, do they collect the salt and bring it to the packaging system.

Kalahari salt is rich in minerals and trace elements. Over the years, he has won several awards in competitions.

Use in the kitchen

Kalahari salt is used as regular table salt. It has a non-invasive taste and is, therefore, suitable for any recipe or dish.

For perfect preservation and adequate storage, we are happy to remind our customers that after opening the original packaging, they should pour the salt into spice jars and store them in a dry environment.

Kalahari salt is rich in minerals and trace elements.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g *: Calcium 800 mg RDA = 0.09% / Magnesium 300 mg RDA = 0.06%; Zinc 15 mg RDA = 0.27% / iron 14 mg RDA = 1.92%; phosphorus 800 mg RDA = 0.10%; Fat, protein, carbohydrates: Not included.

  • the recommended daily allowance (RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance) of the German Nutrition Society following the provisions of the Nutrition and Labeling Regulation, Appendix.

Please note that the minerals and trace elements contained in this salt are not sufficient to cover 15% of the daily household. All data are average values. (Source: webseite.cassel-vital.de)

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