Hickory Cold Smoked Salt Blend

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Hickory Salt is a cold smoked Salt blended with aromatic spices - Buy on line here in our Spice Shop

Hickory Smoked Salt Blend

Buy our European hickory salt smoked with cold smoke and spices refined in our on line store. We offer packs in different sizes / weights, from 100 grams to 5 kg.

Our salt mixture Hickory has an intense and deep Smokey aroma and is the ideal salt to refine all kinds of dishes to which you want to give the typical smoked note.

Hickory salt is a salt with a very fine structure and is particularly suitable for the production of BBQ sauces. It is the most used salt in the kitchens of restaurants and hobby chefs between Vienna and Hamburg. Characteristic of this salt is that it is made with cold smoke and rounded off with fine spices. The excellent dosage of spices give the salt an intense and distinctive taste. The American variant of hickory salt is smoked over hot smoke - directly over the wooded fire and not seasoned with spices.

This salt is suitable for making home-made BBQ sauces along with some ketchup and Worcester sauce. Excellent for marinating or raw seasoning of sausages or meatballs.

In the vegan and vegetarian kitchen, the vegetable field is infinite, the cook is asked to "gently" dose the salt, as the taste is very intense.

Interesting salt also for seasoning freshwater fish, such as baked trout or baked carp, the smoky taste tends to neutralize its typical Melmastro taste of the carp.


To keep the product for a long time, you should transfer the salt into a jar with screw cap closure. Store it well-sealed (so that the salt does not draw moisture) in a dry, dark and cool place.

Ingredients: Salt - Peppers - Sugar - Natural Colorants E 150 A, Cold Smoke

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