Kalahari Salt fine - South African Gourmet Salt

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Kalahari Salt fine

Salt, the white gold for the human organism, is needed as much as air and water.

Origin of the Kalahari salt fine 

Kalahari salt fine comes from the Kalahari, which is a desert in South Africa. It is enormous, with a million square kilometers, and goes through Namibia and Botswana. The salt pans for the production of the Kalahari salt lie in the middle of the dry savanna, and you can see them shimmering white from a distance. They have a size of about 250,000 football fields.

Here are daily temperatures of around 28 ° C, and there is rarely rain.

How is the Kalahari salt produced?

The production looks as follows. Every morning the saline groundwater is pumped in the salt pans. During the day, the water evaporates under the South African sun and leaves behind the Kalahari salt. Once a month, the salt is harvested and taken to a nearby factory. Here it is heated again to remove the residual moisture and kill any bacteria.

How does gourmet salt taste?

Kalahari salt is delicate and pure in taste. It counts to the gourmet salts of the world. The Kalahari Silver Chrystel Gourmet Salt comes from this underground depot of the South African Kalahari Desert, as described above.

This salt deposit is over 300 million years old and protected against environmental influences. Its salt is free of additives and pollutants and is considered one of the purest salts in the world and rich in minerals and trace elements.

Composition of salt

Nutritional information per 100 g *:

  • Calcium 800 mg RDA = 0.09%
  • Magnesium 300 mg RDA = 0.06%
  • Zinc 15 mg, RDA = 0.27%
  • iron 14 mg RDA = 1.92%
  • phosphorus 800 mg RDA = 0.10%
  • fat, protein, carbohydrates: Not included.

* the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of the German Nutrition Society following the Nutrition and Labeling Regulation, Annex.

Please note that the minerals and trace elements contained in this salt are insufficient to cover 15% of the daily household. All figures are average values. (Source: webseite.cassel-vital.de)

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