Salt Pyramids from Cyprus

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Cypriot pyramid salt

  • Natural salt from the third largest Mediterranean island of Cyprus
  • Fine salt pyramids have a pure, intense taste, a crispy consistency, and a pleasant melt
  • Finger salt - ideal table salt

Cypriot pyramid salt

The Cypriot pyramid salt is purely natural sea salt with a delicate & intense salty taste. The unique thing about this salt is the beautiful pyramids. These give the salt a crispy consistency with a pleasant melt. So you have a whole new salt experience when tasting your dishes. It is best to use it as finger salt after preparing the food. Thus, it is also lovely to see as a decorative salt. It tastes intensely salty without being intrusive.

You can buy our Cypriot pyramid salt conveniently online in the following container sizes 100 g-250 g-500 g-1 kg.

What is pyramid salt? What are salt pyramids?

The pyramid's salt or the salt pyramids are salt crystals produced from pure seawater in a particular process. There are similar flake salts from India, Australia, England (Maldon salt, natural or smoked Maldon salt over oak wood), Fleur de Sel Madagascar, Fleur de Sel Guerande, Fleur de Sel Camargue. However, none of them have beautiful and large pyramids like this one from Cyprus (4-12 mm).

How is the Cypriot pyramid salt made?

The production of the salt pyramids is similar to that of the Fleur de Sel. First, seawater is channeled into human-made basins, where a large part of the water evaporates due to the intense sun on Cyprus. What remains is a brine that is boiled in simmering pans. In this process, small hollow salt cubes are formed that look like square hollow pyramids. Once created, they are harvested by hand and left to dry.

What is the difference between the pyramid salt and the fleur de sel?

The fleur de sel is also natural sea salt. They are produced on the coasts of the respective region in so-called salt pans. As with the pyramid salt, the water is led into artificially created basins, where the water evaporates. However, the water is allowed to disappear entirely by exposure to the sun until the fine crystals form by themselves. The crystals of the Fleur de Sels are even more delicate consistency and, therefore, less crispy than the salt pyramids.

Culinary use of Cypriot pyramid salt

Because of its unique crispy consistency, I especially love this salt on freshly grilled meat. Here it would be best if you only seasoned after cooking anyway, so it fits perfectly. Sprinkle the desired amount of pure salt pyramids on freshly grilled meat such as steak or lamb and enjoy its pleasing and intense salt aroma.

It is also a very decorative salt, and you can use it to decorate small bites.

This unique salt specialty is best as table salt. You can use it with all dishes. I have small decorative Weck glasses filled with different gourmet salts for my table, and I can choose every day.

Ingredients: sea salt

Storage: Please store it in a cool & dry place

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