Salt flowers Madagascar,

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Salt flowers Madagascar . Buy Salt flowers Madagascar from Orlandosidee®  Europe's Spice Shop

Salt flowers Madagascar

Gourmet Sea Salt

100 % natural 

Its purity, color and taste is the result of a complete hand made production. This Fleur de Sel produces itself on the surface to the Indian ocean through the perfect conditions of the nature. For  a natural production of Salt flowers the ocean needs a lot of sun and perfect wind conditions.

In the early hours of the morning the women of the village go and take the Fleur de Sel and let it dry again under the sun. 

Salt flowers contains a lot of sodium, Jod, Magnesium and Calcium. Because of the high consistency of magnesium is the salt very good to prepare food for children.

Sea salt is as we all know salty, but not every Marine has the same salt concentration. For example the Baltic Sea has a much lower salt content as the North Sea and both in turn less than the Mediterranean. The Baltic Sea has 0.8%, the North Sea the Mediterranean and 3% 3.8% salinity. You need sea water, catch basins for the sea water and perfect weather conditions to produce Fleur de Sel from sea water.

The formation of Fleur de Sel is a fascinating collaboration between nature and man. The water from the Sea is lead into artificial water basin. With the flood, the sea water flows in the basins and evaporates in the course of the day due to high temperatures. The wind carries away the rising moist, leaving a high concentrated Salt water. This is then lead into the dry basins before the new tide again floods the salt gardens.

When the rest of the water of the brine evaporates, salt remains. But that is long not the precious Fleur de Sel. These form only on days with axing out heat and very important if the right amount of wind blowing. For Fleur de Sel to create there must not be not too little and not too much wind. In fact, Fleur de Sel is a delicate freak of nature.

This Fleur de Sel has a clear pure taste with a delicious crispy consistency.

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