Fleur de Sel Salt Madagascar,

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What is Fleur de Sel Salt Madagascar?

Fleur de Sel Salt Madagascar is the upper, wafer-thin layer of salt that settles on the water surface—obtained from the seawater of the Indian Ocean.

Aroma and use of Fleur de Sel Salt

This fleur de sel has a bright, pure taste with a delicate, crispy consistency. This salt is the perfect table salt. If you are also interested in our other varieties, we also offer mixed with spices such as Creole spices, for chili lovers with chipotle green, hibiscus, cardamom, or with barbecue spices.

"A medium composition of Fleur de Sel consists of over 97% sodium chloride, 0.5% calcium sulfate, 0.3% magnesium chloride, 0.2% bitter salt (magnesium sulfate), and about 0.1% potassium chloride, the rest is water remaining "Source Wikipedia.

The production

As we all know, sea salt is salty, but not every sea has the same salt concentration. For example, the Baltic Sea has a much lower salt content than the North Sea, and both have less salt than the Mediterranean. The Baltic Sea has 0.8%, the North Sea 3%, and the Mediterranean 3.8% salinity. To produce fleur de sel from sea water, you need seawater, a catch basin for seawater water and perfect weather conditions.

The formation of Fleur de Sel is a fascinating collaboration between nature and people. The salt farmers direct the water from the sea into artificial pools. With the tide, the seawater flows into the lakes and evaporates during the day in strong sunlight. The wind carries the rising damp air away and leaves a brine in the drying basins before the new flood floods the gardens again.

When the remaining water in the brine evaporates, sea salt remains. But this is far from being the precious fleur de sel. These salt formations only form on days with plenty of heat and very important when the right amount of wind blows. For Fleur de Sel, it shouldn't be too much wind or too little. Fleur de Sel is a delicate mood of nature.

Once formed, the Fleur de Sel Madagascar is skimmed by hand by the women of the surrounding villages. It is only the top layer of salt about 1 cm thick that is suitable for Fleur de Sel.

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