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Tabouleh - Tabulè - Arabic spice mixture - North Africa

Tabulè is a refreshing spice blend of spices and herbs perfect for a light Lebanese summer salad made of Bulgur or the Moroccan variant with couscous.

It is a medium spicy blend and is widely used in North African countries.

Tabouleh is a cold dish or even a summer salad. A quick and uncomplicated cuisine based on couscous or bulgur, accompanied by cucumbers, peppers, onions, tomatoes and flavored by the freshness of lemon juice and the aroma of mint and parsley. Here in our mix we use high quality dried herbs and spices. The mixture is made from peppermint, parsley leaves, pepper and cayenne pepper for a medium heat.

This mix is ideal for the summer season to be enjoyed with friends on the boat or on the beach for picnics or for a barbecue.

Our mix can be used both for the "French" Tabulè dish, a dish known in France by the colonial era in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia but also creatively in dressings for lettuce. I think it also fits for grilling in a herb butter or in a mixture of quark and yogurt as a dip for vegetable sticks. Try it yourself.


Ingredients: peppermint, parsley leaves, pepper, cayenne pepper.

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