Spearmint - Menthe - lat. Mentha

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Spear mint - Menthe- lat. Mentha, dried and rubbed, packing from 25 gr - 500 gr. from Egypt buy on line  in our herbs & spice shop since 2005.

Spearmint - Mentha, Egypt

The spearmint belongs to the plant family of the lip bloom plants. There are many different species, but in general one can say that they are upright shrubs with a height of about 100 cm. They are generally undemanding and thrive on any soil and in temperate climates.

How does the mint taste?

The spearmint has a refreshing, sharp and slightly peppery aroma.

Culinary use of mint

It is one of the world's most popular herbs. It is used in many ways. The spearmint is very popular in the production of cocktails and teas. It is ideal for preparing vegetable dishes, especially peas, potatoes, carrots, courgettes, aubergines and tomatoes. Here it gives the vegetables a wonderful light mint note.

It also refines veal, pork or chicken. The English love it as a sauce to lamb. The fresh spice mixture Tabouleh is made from spearmint. It fits in marinades for salads and fish.

The herb spearmint seasons yogurt dressings to cucumber salad, cottage cheese to vegetable strips, or even Greek meatballs from minced meat with oregano and cinnamon.

Mint goes well with other mild herbs such as basil, thyme, marjoram, parsley, oregano and spices like: sumac, ginger, cardamom, fenugreek, pepper, paprika, cloves, cumin.

How do I preserve mint?

Place the mint, like all other herbs and spices, in a well-sealed container. I recommend glasses with a screw cap because you can disinfect them well by boiling. Store them protected from the sun, dry and cool.

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