Garlic Flakes - Allium sativum

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Garlic Flakes - Allium sativum, buy on line in Europe's Spice shop Orlandosidee®.

Cultivation of Allium sativum

The garlic plant belongs to the leek family and most likely originated in southwest Asia. It is a perennial with a stature height of up to 1.50 meters and has a 10 cm thick tuber root / onion which is the well-known garlic bulb. The plant is grown all over the world today and used in every kitchen.

Garlic - Allium sativum is one of the first crops in the world. The Egyptians used it first as a spice. The plant is rather undemanding and grows in any climate and thrives on nutrient-rich and loose soils. There are different varieties, ranging from pink to reddish to white. The garlic is harvested in tropical climate 4-6 months after the bulbs. Then it is dried under the sun.

Did you know that ...

Nowadays, thanks to the popular Mediterranean cuisine, we use a lot more garlic than a few decades ago. "Worldwide consumption is three million tons a year, that's 500 grams per person (Source: Gernot Katzer)".

Culinary use

Garlic goes well with many dishes. For example, I like to roast zucchini in a pan. Just before the end of the cooking time I add garlic, salt and chili pods. Garlic is used in numerous dishes and is particularly compatible with all strong herbs.

Garlic can be used to refine pork chops, veal, beef and chicken. Just before the end of the cooking time add rosemary, salt and garlic.

Using garlic, they can make the well-known Alli oli - Just add garlic oil and salt to a cream.

I also like garlic to oven-cooked potato wedges.

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