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Garlic Flakes

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Garlic flakes, Egypt

Allium sativum

The garlic plant belongs to the family of the lily plants and its origin is most likely in southwest Asia.

The garlic is harvested after 4-6 months and then dried under the sun. Garlic is used in numerous dishes and is particularly good with all powerful herbs

Garlic flakes - Allium sativum is one of the first cultivated crops. The Egyptians used it first as a spice. Nowadays, thanks to the popular Mediterranean cuisine we use a lot more garlic than a few decades ago. Garlic fits to many dishes. For example, I like fried courgettes in the pan. Shortly before the end of the cooking season, I add garlic, salt and chili peppers.

Garlic can be used to refine pork loin, veal, beef and chicken. Just before the end of cooking, add rosemary, salt and garlic.

With garlic you can make the well-known Alli oli - Simply mix garlic oil and salt into a cream.

I also like garlic to cooked potato splits.