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Savory 1 A garden product from Thuringia,  Buy bags from 25 gr - 500 gr Shop on line delicious Herbs and Spices

Savory - Satureja hortensis - 1 A garden goods from Thuringia.

Savory belongs to the plant family of the labiate. These bean herbs are annual, bushy plants, with a height of 20 to 30 cm. They are grown commercially, being grown from seed. The savory flower blooms 80 days after sowing. It needs a lot of sun and a light soil to thrive. After harvesting, it is dried and rubbed.

A distinction is made between summer savanna S.hortensis (eastern Mediterranean) and winter savanna S.Montana (southern Europe).

In Germany, the summer savory is cultivated because it has a milder taste than the winter savory.

Satureja hortensis in the story:

Savory has been known since ancient times. It was used not only as a spice, but also as a medicine, because of its digestive properties. Even today, we find savory in many monastery gardens as a medicine.

Culinary use of satureja hortensis

Savory, here the summer savory has an aromatic scent and reminiscent smell reminds of thyme and ajwain. It is a very popular seasoning herb in Germany. It refines beans, herbal vinegar, herb butter, lentils, as well as potatoes in small quantities. It is used with pickled cucumber or boiled cabbage.

In France and England, this herb is often eaten in combination with cheese.

In Italy and France it is most often combined with other herbs. It is part of the famous bouquet garni, as well as other typical Italian herbal mixtures.

In Bulgaria it is the most important kitchen herb, here many dishes are seasoned with it. Such as stewed lamb or poultry but also vegetables.

With which herbs harmonizes satureja hortensis?

Savory can be mixed with many other herbs such as: laurel, garlic, parsley, thyme, rosemary and onion

How do I store my herbs?

It is best to put your herbs in a decocted jar with a screw cap. Seal them airtight and store them, protected from the sun, cool and dry.

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