Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris - typical German herb

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Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris

  • Mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris tastes spicy & slightly bitter
  • mild tart smell
  • refines: sauces, fish & vegetable soups, roast game, lard, salads

What is mugwort?

Mugwort, genus Artemisia vulgaris, is a kitchen herb and belongs in Germany to our culinary herbs.

Mugwort thrives in the temperate climate of Europe. It is a perennial with a height of up to 1.8 meters. If you pay attention during the summer, you will find wild spice mugwort along the way. If you want to take it with you, make sure that it does not bloom jet, otherwise it tastes too bitter. The best harvest time is between July to September.

What do I use mugwort for?

In the kitchen, one mainly uses the fresh or dried young shoots of the flower, as well as their leaves and flower buds. When harvesting it is important to ensure that the flower buds are still closed, otherwise the leaves are bitter and no longer suitable as a spice.

What does it taste like?

Mugwort has a slightly pungent aroma, just like pepper, with a hint of spearmint. It is a typical German herb.

Mugwort supports the digestion due its bitter substances, which stimulate the production of gastric juice and bile. For this reason, it is also a spice, which is used for seasoning fatty foods. Mainly it is used for the preparation of carp, goose or sheep. It also refines sauces and salads. For this, add some mugwort to your salad dressing. Mugwort goes well with minced meat or duck.

Mugwort is mixed with the goose stuffing to flavor the body of a goose. It is especially important that the mugwort is cooked for a long time.

How do I store kitchen herbs?

Put your kitchen herbs in a tightly closed container, I recommend glasses that you can boil before. Store in a cool and dry place, protected from the sun.

Extra tip: A tea from mugwort should calm and help with diarrhea.

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