Herbs de Provence - typical French herbal blend

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Herbs de Provence - French herbal blend

  • Herbs de Provence aromatic herbal blend with lavender flowers
  • for salad dressing & vegetables (ratatouille)
  • flavors stews, fish & meat

Herbs de Provence - for French cuisine

Herbs de Provence is a mixture of aromatic herbs and flowers that you can only find in France. It exudes a delicate perfume with typical lavender notes. It is an excellent blend of herbs made from basil, thyme, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, and the usual French lavender flowers.

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The aromatic herbal mixture according to the French recipe

Our aromatic herb mixture "Herbs de Provence" we mix it according to an old French recipe.

In a harmonious balance, the aromas of the fragrant herbs meet the floral scent of the lavender flowers. The combination is a culinary dream. The lavender flowers come from Provence - France. We deliberately used a timeless recipe for this herbal mixture to be able to offer you an unforgettable blend. Try them and put Provence in the saucepan.

Culinary use: herbs de Provence

You may use the mixture for all dishes that you want to prepare with these flavors, like salads, vegetables, meat, or fish.

It is a beautiful mixture that smells elegant, and no aroma dominates a perfect balance like Yin and Yang.

This French blend of herbs goes very well with vegetarian dishes. You can season a typical ratatouille with it. Some chefs also love to use them in grilled fish and meat. To best bring out the flavors of this mixture, you can cook it throughout the cooking time.

Herbal mixtures

If you are lucky enough to have the time and space to mix your own "Herbs of Provence," you can also make your blend of fresh herbs. However, I recommend using it for cold dishes. If you want to use this mixture to make hot dishes, I recommend using dried herbs. After heating, I find them more aromatic than fresh ones because the fresh ones suffer too much under heat.

Storage of herbs

Since it is an exquisite mixture, we remind you that it is possible to preserve this product correctly and for a long time. After opening the original packaging, you should keep the product in an airtight and dark container to prevent color loss (pigmentation of the product) and the formation of fungi.

Ingredients: basil, thyme, marjoram, oregano, rosemary, lavender flowers.

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