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Mixed wild herbs - Buy here on line our special herbal blend . Orlandosidee® Spice Shop since 2005.

Mixed Wild Herbs - delicious blend of mixed herbs

Our Wild herbs Blend Crete consists of freshly mixed wild oregano, wild thyme, wild rosemary, wild basil and marjoram.

The Greek island of Crete has a great variety of aromatic, wild herbs. The procurement of the soil and the climatic conditions support the development of the special taste of these herbs.

This is unique Mediterranean herbal blend created by Orlandosidee®.

This delicious blend of Wild Herb, fills our nose with a fragrant scent and delights our palate with the warmth of the Mediterranean smell.

The combination of the hot flavor of thyme, the freshness of basil, the resinous-bitter taste of rosemary, oregano, spicy sage and the strong aroma of marjoram is unforgettable. You will love it. Try it now.

Culinary use

Try this wild-herb mixture to make a salad dressing or marinate your meat and fish alike for barbecues. For example, add lamb chops with a little olive oil, 1 clove of garlic (halved) and 1 teaspoon of wild herb mixture in a plastic bag. Shake well and leave to marinate overnight in the fridge. Before grilling, the meat should be warmed to room temperature. So at least 1 hour before preparation take it out of the refrigerator.

A very special treat. Make your own herbal butter for the next barbecue with this Wild Herb Blend. Take 150 grams of butter and 1 teaspoon of wild herb mixture. First put this mixture in a mortar and pound it. Then mix it under the room warm butter with a pressed clove of garlic. Then add the created herb butter to some of the preserving foil and roll it into a roll. Leave them in the fridge for an hour, after which they can cut off nice slices and serve well to the grill.

The herbs are excellent for the preparation of all Mediterranean dishes.

How do I preserve kitchen herbs?

Like all spices, they should also fill your culinary herbs in a clean glass and airtight with a screw cap. This is best kept in a cool and dry place. All spices and herbs must be protected from direct sunlight.


thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, mint, sage and marjoram

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