Bear's Garlic - Wild garlic - Bear leek - Allium ursinum

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Bear's Garlic, ramsons, wood garlic, buckrams, Bear's cut, wild garlic, bear leek are all names for the dried leaves of the Allium ursinum herb. Buy Bear's Garlic in our Shop on line for herbs and Spices

The Bear's Garlic is also called wild garlic (Allium ursinum). Since the 90's it is a very popular herb in Germany. It gives your food a great garlic aroma, without you smelling like garlic the next day.

Wild garlic is a plant of the genus Allium and therefore related to chives, onions and garlic. The plant is widespread in Europe and parts of Asia, especially in forests. It sprouts early in the year and is valued as a wild vegetables and spice.

The leek family Alliaceae - whom also includes wild garlic are perennial herbs. During spring time they develop from small onions long, delicate leaves with a length of up to 25 cm.

After harvest, the tender wild garlic leaves are dried and cut before being packaged. They have a delicate garlic aroma.

Culinary use of wild garlic leaves

The wild garlic is not only a wild vegetable, it is also a herb and you can prepare a delicious pesto with it. It also refines mashed potatoes.

Wild garlic is best if it is not heated, as the heat destroys its aroma. He refines salads and grilled vegetables. It also tastes good in yogurt sauces as dips for vegetables or as a salad dressing. In addition it flavores grilled fish.

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