Tarragon leaves - Artemisia dracunculus - French herbs

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Tarragon Leaves - Buy Artemisia dracunculus

  • Dried tarragon leaves taste:
  • Subtly spicy, bittersweet, and reminiscent of anise
  • A typical herb in French cuisine
  • Used in herb sauces, herb butter, herb vinegar
  • In fricassée, minced meat, meat broth
  • With noodles, potatoes, and egg dishes

What is Tarragon?

Tarragon, belonging to the Asteraceae family, is related to wormwood. The leaves can be harvested multiple times a year. Traditionally, both the young shoots and leaves are used for seasoning. Due to their delicate aroma, the leaves are a subtle spice. It is also known as Emperor's Salad, Dragon's Mugwort, and Egg Herb.

How do dried tarragon leaves taste?

Dried tarragon leaves have a strongly aromatic scent. Furthermore, their taste resembles anise, with a delicate spiciness and bittersweet flavor. Due to its intensity, it's advisable to use it sparingly. A bit too much of these delicate leaves can make a dish very bitter.

Culinary Uses of Tarragon

Tarragon is a popular herb in French cuisine. Here, it is used to flavor vinegar and mustard. The remarkable Fallot mustard mill also produces a delicate tarragon mustard. This mustard has the delicate aroma of tarragon and not only enhances poultry but also salad dressings.

In German cuisine, we season potato side dishes and fish with tarragon. It also enhances herb sauces suitable for fish or egg dishes. You can also create a delicate herb butter with it, refining grilled fish or baguette in the process.

With the so-called Emperor's Salad, you can also create very tasty herb oils and vinegars. Such a flavored vinegar pairs excellently with summer salads or cucumbers.

Furthermore, Dragon's Mugwort is suitable for seasoning poultry, rice, or cooked fish, as well as for sauce and marinade preparation (e.g., béarnaise sauce). Alongside parsley, chives, and chervil, tarragon is part of the classic French herb mixture fines herbes.

Which other herbs does tarragon go well with?

Tarragon harmonizes very well with the following herbs: parsley, chervil, sage, rosemary, thyme, summer savory, oregano, marjoram, black garlic, pepper, chives, basil.

Extra Tip from Orlandosidee, Your Spice Shop

Please use it sparingly, as it is an intense herb. Too much of it will give your dishes a bitter taste.


Like all spices and herbs, place them in a clean screw-top jar (please sterilize in boiling water for 5 minutes beforehand) and store them cool and protected from the sun.

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