Celery leaves

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Celery Leaves, 1 A Buy from Orlandosidee® delicious Spices and Herbs for you to cook with.

Celery leaves - Apium graveolens - 1A Germany

The celery leaves - Apium graveolens also called Eppich, belong to the plant family of the Umbelliferae and is an old European cultivated plant. She is a perennial. The leaves of the so-called Schnittsellerie are dark green and resemble the smooth parsley.

How do celeriac leaves taste?

Celery leaves have a spicy, fresh aroma like parsley are slightly spicy and have a bitter touch.

Culinary use of cut celery

Celery is used in some European countries like parsley. It is added to every dish at the end as a set. She refines soups and is part of soup vegetables or herbal bouquets, such as the French bouquet garni.

Celery flavored fish, cabbage, tofu, poultry and more.

Which herbs and spices can be used to combine celery leaves?

Celery leaves blend with ginger, cloves, turmeric, parsley, pepper, mustard, cumin

How are spices and herbs stored?

Best fill spices and herbs in a glass and seal airtight. Store this dark, dry and cool.

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