Celery leaves - typical fish herb

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Celery leaves - Apium graveolens - 1A Germany

Celery leaves - Apium graveolens, also called carpet, belong to the umbelliferous plant family, and it is also an old European crop. It is perennial, and the leaves of the so-called cut celery are dark green while they resemble the flat parsley.

How does Apium graveolens taste?

Apium graveolens have a spicy, fresh aroma and, like parsley, are a bit spicy and have a bitter note.

Culinary use of cut celery

Celery is used in some European countries like we use parsley. Here it decorates almost every dish as a garnish. In the Netherlands and Belgium, kitchen herbs are trendy in dishes, just like we use parsley.

In Germany, this herb refines soups, fish, cabbage, tofu, poultry, stews, fish sauces, and herb sauce. It is part of herbal bouquets, such as the French bouquet garni, and it is also one of the herbs for the traditional green sauce with eel.

Which herbs and spices combine with celery leaves?

It harmonizes with  ginger, cloves, turmeric, parsley, pepper, mustard, cumin.

How are spices and herbs stored?

It is best to fill spices and herbs in a jar and seal them airtight. Then store it dark, dry, and cold.

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