Curry Thai, red Curry Powder

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Thai Curry Spice - Thai Red Curry Powder

  • Thai Curry Spice has a medium spiciness
  • red curry powder
  • intensely flavorful
  • Thai & South Asian cuisine

Thai Curry - red curry

Red Curry Powder Thai, Buy here Online in our Spice Shop.

The word curry dates back to the English colonial era in India. The English were enthusiastic about the spicy foods of India and wanted to bring these flavors to England. They began to create spice blends according to the dishes and named these curries. These spice mixtures or spice preparations vary in composition according to the regions and the various ethnic groups.

Our Thai curry has an intense, medium-sweet taste, typical of the Thai and South Asian cuisine.

Culinary use

Our gastronomic customers use it to prepare sauces for duck breast with coconut milk.

In general, you can use this mixture, which has been made only with natural ingredients and without preservatives or dyes, in two ways. You can use yours to make a red curry paste by adding coconut oil and / or different seeds to the mix to create the consistency you want. Or use them purely in their powdered form by adding one to two teaspoons of the mix to the sauce.

The red curry is also used for vegetarian dishes and its sauces enliven the taste of rice enormously, in ethnic restaurants you will find in the menu the variant of red curry in the various offerings, from chicken to beef to pork and fish ,

Easy to use and no wok, many recipe portals offer delicious and appealing variations that you can prepare at home for family or friends.

The spice recipe for this red curry is one of the most widely used in Phuket's regional cuisine. Our variant is less spicy. We purposely used less chili so they could all try it, so if you love the spicy, you can buy some powdered Habanero and add it. According to your taste. You can find him in our chili section.


Please fill spice blends and spices in spice jars with screw cap closures. I recommend them glasses, as they can boil before use in bubbly boiling water for 5 minutes and thus sterilize them. All spice jars should then be stored dark, cool and dry.

Ingredients: fenugreek, coriander, tumeric, cumin-jeera, paprica, chili, ginger, pepper, mustard seeds, lemongras

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