Chinese five spice seasoning

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Chinese Five Spice Seasoning - buy on line in the Spice Shop.

This mixture convinces with its successful combination of sweet - warm and spicy - fresh spices and is versatile applicable. It is a delicate and highly aromatic spice mixture that skilfully reflects the Chinese style Ying and Yang in Chinese cuisine. It is so aromatic and unique that it enhances any dish yet so bland.

By the way, it's not called Five Spice Blend because of the number of spices it's made from, even though it's five straight. No, the name is based on the Chinese tradition of combining all five flavors sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter in Chinese cuisine.

This mixture is unique, highly aromatic and should be used sparingly, you can spice it up anytime you find it tastes that your dish still needs more seasoning.

Culinary use

The Chinese Five Spices mixture especially refines meat like duck, pork or goose. It also fits sparingly, so it does not dominate, to chicken and seafood. It flavored rice, vegetables, as well as light meat dishes. It can also be used as a BBQ ingredient or in burritos, cheese spaetzle, or scrambled eggs. It is an ingenious mixture that leads to experimentation and should not be used only for Chinese cuisine. Try the Five Spices blend even when making muffins, biscuits or crepes. Here gives you a delicate exotic touch.


Cloves, star anise, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, fennel


May contain traces of celery and mustard


Please refill all of your purchased spices and spice blends into airtight containers. Store in a dry, cool and protected from the sun. The ideal ambient temperature is 15 ° C.