Five-Spice Powder - Chinese five-Spice

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What is Five-Spice Powder?

Five-spice powder is a popular Asian spice mix, which is also known by the following other names: five-spice, Chinese spice, China seasoning mix, or China wort.

Five Spices Powder - Chinese five-Spice

This mixture convinces with its successful combination of sweet - warm and spicy - fresh spices and is very versatile. It is also a delicate and highly aromatic spice blend that skilfully reflects the Chinese types of Ying and Yang in Chinese cuisine. Besides, it is so incredibly fragrant and unique that it enhances every dish, no matter how bland.

By the way, it is not called Five Spices Mix because of the number of spices from which they are made, even if there are five. No, but because in Chinese tradition, you combine all five flavors sweet, sour, salty, hot, and bitter in Chinese cuisine.

This spice mixture is unbeatable due to its strong aroma. Make sure that you use it sparingly so that you don't accidentally season your dish. It's better to season if you notice that your meal needs more flavor than to spoil the dish.

What is five Spice Powder used for?

The Chinese five-spice mixture mainly refines meat such as duck but also pork or goose. But it also goes well with chicken and seafood, so that it doesn't dominate.

This mixture also seasoned rice, vegetables, and light meat dishes. It refines burrito, cheese spaetzle, or scrambled eggs. It is an ingenious mixture that encourages experimentation and should not only be used for Chinese cuisine. Also, try the five-spice mix when making muffins, cookies, or crepes. It gives you a delicate exotic touch.

What spices are included in five-spice powder?

Cloves, star anise, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, fennel


May contain traces of celery and mustard

Storage of Herbs & Spices

Please transfer all of your purchased spices and spice mixtures into airtight containers. Also, store them dry, cold, and protected from the sun. The ideal temperature is 15 ° C.

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