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Fleur de Sel are the upper thin layer of salt that settles on the surface of the water in the salines when the weather is perfect. Sea salt is known to be salty, where the different seas can have a different high salt content.

The Baltic Sea for example has a salinity of only 0.8%, the North Sea has a salt content of 3% and the Mediterranean 3.8%.

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The production of salt flowers is a fascinating collaboration between man and nature. It is hard work and only possible if the weather cooperates. When it rains too much, the water in the salt works dilute and no harvest is possible. Nowadays all over the world, there are so-called salines, where these precious salt flowers are crafted. Some well-known European salt gardens are the salt gardens in the Camargue and Guérande.

These salt gardens lie on the shores of the seas. Here comes the sea water in man-made basins or small lakes. Through the sunshine and the wind, the water of the pool evaporates and the salt concentration increases in the remaining water. This remaining water is then in turn redirected in other basins, where the remaining water evaporates and sea salt stays behind. Salt flowers do not form every day. Only on days when it's hot enough and the right amount of wind blowing. Not too much wind, but too little is necessary for these wonderful flowers of salt.

When formed the Fleur de Sel's Paludiers or Marsh, which salt workers are reached with wooden shovels in hand work.This is a very demanding and exhausting work. But its worth it, salt flowers is the best salt in the world, it is also the most expensive.
Salt flowers from France is the most popular sea salt under the top chefs, because it has an intense flavor and a delicate consistency.
The production of the Fleur de Sel is very labor intensive as seen. Fleur de Sel is formed only on days when the right amount of wind is blowing and is hot as a top layer (1 cm) in the salt pans the Salt Lake is located. Fleur de Sel is obtained among others in Brittany, in the Camargue, in India or Madagascar.
"A medium composition of Fleur de Sel is over 97% sodium chloride, 0.5% calcium sulfate 0.3% 0.2% of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and 0.1% magnesium chloride potassium chloride, the rest is remaining water source Wikipedia " 

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Fleur de Sel  with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green

Fleur de Sel with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green is a tasty Fleur de Sel mixture from Orlandosidee - spices.  The delicate, crunchy consistency of the Fleur de Sel combines with the Chipotle Jalapeno green smoky, sweet and hot taste of the chili is simply unforgettable. Try it at once especially with grilled meat or fish. Awesome.

Fleur de Sel manufacturing

Salt flowers, Fleur de Sel, Flor de Sal, Fiori del sale is also called salt flower. The flower of salt is a natural salt with a delicate, crispy structure and is derived from the Indian Ocean.

Fleur de Sel is one of the most expensive salt variety of the world. The making of it is not only a pure craftsmanship, no it's basically a mood of nature. Only if the weather conditions are perfect this wonderful salt crystals form on the surface of the water. It must be a very hot day with the right amount of wind. It may be not calm but also not too windy.

In Order to produce salt from sea water, sea water is led in the man-made basins. Here, the water evaporates and it remains a highly concentrated salt brine. This brine is then piped into a drying basin where the remaining water evaporates. The salt then sinks to the ground but the Fleur de Sel which formed in perfect weather conditions floats on the surface of the remaining water. This layer is approximately 1 cm thick and is then absorbed by hand with wooden blades.

Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green: Botany

The chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green is an immature harvested aromatic and smoked chili variety of the species Capsicum Annuum. This is an oblong-shaped chili pepper with a round tip. It is one of the meaty chili varieties. The Jalapeno chili peppers are 7-8 cm long and are 2-4 cm thick. The still immature and thus green Chipotle Chili pods are smoked after the harvest. They have then a smoky, sweet and sharp flavor. The Chipotle Chili is indispensable in the kitchen of the southern United States. They refine many dishes in the Texas and even Mexican cuisine.

Fleur de Sel with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green

This delicious Fleur de Sel mixed with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green flavors many dishes.  Try the delicate, fine crunchy consistency of the Fleur de Sel with these wonderful smoky flavors of the chili Chipotle's Jalapeno green on salads, grilled lamb, meat or vegetarian dishes like grilled vegetables. I have a jar of Fleur de Sel chili Chilpotle Jalapeno green on the table and I love to use it on grilled Eggplant and zucchini.

Fleur de Sel with Chili Ancho

Fleur de Sel Madagascar with Chili Ancho is a aromatic mixture of Orlandosidee - spices.  The crunchy consistency of the Fleur de Sel is fine-tuned with Chili Ancho. Fleur de Sel chili Ancho has a delicate salty and sweet smoky flavor of chili Ancho.

It is a wonderful combination that suits many dishes. Fleur de Sel chili Ancho can be used for grilled meats, vegetables or salads. Chili Ancho has a mild sharpness 3-4 on a scale up to 10.

Fleur de Sel is the most expensive salt of the world, because it forms only when perfect weather conditions exists. Also it is made in pure handwork. The derived quantity always depends on the mood of nature.

Fleur de Sel is obtained from sea water. Sea water is lead in artificial pools. In these basin, the water  evaporates in the run of a long hot day. Leaving a high concentrated Salty water. This is then piped into a so-called dry basin. Here the remaining water evaporates. The normal sea salt sinks to the bottom of the drying pool. The Fleur de Sel stays on the surface of the water and it is about a 1 cm thick layer. These fine salt formations - crystals that are formed only on days with little wind and a lot of heat.

Chili Ancho is the dried and ground chili powder of the Poblano chili. The Ancho chili has a smoky and sweet taste like raisins and prunes.

Fleur de Sel  Madagascar a gift from nature

Salt Flowers Madagascar is a delicate sea salt with a pure taste and a crunchy texture. Translate Fleur de Sel salt flower is called. It is derived from the Indian Ocean, in pure craftsmanship, a natural salt without artificial additives. Fleur de Sel is the most popular salt of Star chefs, since it's mild and has a genuine taste. It is also the most expensive salt of the world.

The extraction of Fleur de Sel is one of the oldest crafts and is not only hard work but also a delicate interplay between man and nature.

For the production of Fleur de SEL, you need artificial water basins or lakes. Here, the water is pumped from the ocean at high tide. In the course of the day evaporate the water in these basins with high solar radiation and wind. Back remains a highly concentrated brine that is forwarded in a dry basin. In these dry basins to evaporate the remaining water and sea salt stays behind.

The Fleur de Sel is formed but only on days with axing out heat and very important if the right amount of wind blowing. This is Fleur de Sel on the top about 1 cm thick layer forms do not need too much wind but also not too little his. Fleur de Sel a delicate freak of nature.

If Fleur de Sel has formed this is carefully skimmed off by hand.

Culinary use

Fleur de Sel is suitable for all dishes. It is a very delicious salt which enhances the flavor of the food as I said. It has no artificial additives and therefore do not affect the flavour of your food. It is an intensive salt that dissolves more slowly and is more economical than regular salt used.

Especially, it is recommended to use the Fleur de Sel as table salt. It is ideal for seasoning grilled meat, fish, poultry, lamb and vegetables. This offer also a delicious variation of our Fleur de sels Madagascar with barbecue spices like you. It is an elegant companion at a barbecue.

Fleur de Sel fits perfectly with the seasoning of Buscetta, or other delicious entrees.

We offer them our Fleur de Sel Madagascar in various mixtures. For example, with cardamom, Hibiscus flowers or barbecue spices. You can but your are Fleur de Sel try mixtures. Fish is a mixture of fine organic lemon peel and Fleur de Sel, or mix it with wild herbs and give it on a sandwich.