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What makes Fleur de Sel Guérande special?

Fleur de Sel Guérande is a very well-known and popular sea salt among gourmets and star chefs. It is one of the most expensive and best spices in the world.

The Fleur de Sel Guerande is 100% natural and contains no additives

Fleur de Sel is not just any industrially produced salt. No, even today, according to medieval tradition, it is produced entirely by hand. And I have to mention that it is not possible to create it every day. The fleur de sel only forms on certain days when the weather cooperates. So to say it is a product depending on the mood of nature.

Culinary use of Guerande Salt Flowers

Guerande Salt is one of the best Salt on earth. It has an excellent, crispy consistency with a distinctive sweet aroma.

Salt flowers are suitable for refining all dishes; because of its price, I recommend using this salt as table salt. It goes particularly well with grilled meat, fish and vegetables.

Origin and manufacture

Fleur de Sel de Guérande comes from the south of Brittany. In Guérande "in the White Country," there has been a tradition for over a hundred years. The salt fields have an area of ​​approx. 2000 ha. The salt gardens located in a natural swamp landscape with a direct connection to the Atlantic Ocean. These salt gardens are flooded naturally by the daily flood. During warm days, the water in the salt basin evaporates due to sunlight and wind, which removes the moisture. This procedure increases the salt concentration in the salt basin, and the remaining brine passes on to other salt basins that are deeper inland. Like that, dilution of the salty water can not take place with the next flood. In the end, the sea salt crystallizes in the harvesting basin, and the salt farmer harvests the salt manually.

The Fleur de Sel Guerande is only formed on unusually warm days and when the right amount of wind blows. It shouldn't be windless but also not too windy. This salt is the beautiful, white flakes on the water surface, which you then carefully skim off with a wooden rake. This fleur de sel is from white to a pale pink color.

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