Salt flowers from Guerande

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Salt flowers from Guérande the flower of salt from Guérande

A 100% natural salt without any additives.

Salt flowers from Guérande is a very well known and popular sea salt. Star chefs and Gourmets swear by it. It has a delicate, crispy texture and pure taste. It is one of the world's most expensive and best salts, see for yourself. Fleur de Sel de Guérande is a salt manufactured according to medieval tradition in handmade, no machines or artificial additives. Fleur de Sel de Guérande is formed only in the year, it's certain days a delicate interplay of art and nature.

Salt flowers from Guérande is produced in the South of Brittany. Guérande also known as the white country has a long tradition in the extraction of salt. Since the middle ages, here grown and harvested. The local salt works have a size of about 2000 ha.

The salter's of Guérande lie in a natural Marsh. It is connected with the Atlantic Ocean. These salt pans are flooded with the daily flood in a natural way. During the day, plenty of water in the man-made salt basins by sunlight and wind which carries the moisture of which evaporates. This, the salt concentration in the remaining water increases the so-called sole. This will dilute then headed into other salt basin to a renewed to avoid the flood. In this harvest basin crystallizes the sea salt in the next few days and is then skimmed off.

Salt flowers from Guerande but formed only on particularly hot days. Not only the intense sunlight is important but also the right amount of wind is there. It should be not too windy but also not completely calm. And a necessity summer reduced the crop amount of Fleur de Sel immensely. If nature wants it so Fleur de Sel is formed as a fine, white flakes to the surface of the water. This is then carefully skimmed off by hand and something else in the sun dried. The Fleur de Sel de Guérande is a white to pale pink in color.

Salt flowers from is according to top chefs among the best Fleur de Sel of the Earth. It has a distinctive sweet flavor and a delicate crispy consistency.

Salt flowers from Guérande fits to all foods, but I use it exclusively as table salt. At a barbecue, it comes very well if they taste grilled meat, fish or vegetables to. You feel so its unique texture and flavor.


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