Maldon Salt flakes, smoked over oak wood

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Maldon Salt smoked, Sea Salt Flakes from England

Maldon Salt smoked, fine salt flakes smoked over oak wood by the British court supplier the Maldon Crystal Salt Company - Buy here in our online shop in the packaging size of your choice.

How does Maldon Salt smoked, taste?

The smoked Maldon salt is exceptional. Connoisseurs acknowledge that there are great variations in salts. Many salts have a tart aftertaste and are grainy. But, this salt is different, you have to try it if you don't know it. It has a more intense, fine, and lovely taste with a fine smoke note and a wonderful consistency. The wafer-thin salt crystals melt on the tongue. They can also be easily rubbed between your fingers.

This salt refines fish and vegetables with its unique, unobtrusive smoke aroma. Gourmets from all over the world swear by it. Even the Queen of England.

The Maldon Crystal Salt Company received the Royal Warrant for its 130th anniversary in 2012. In England, this is the award of the royal court suppliers who have been supplying the court for at least 5 years. The Warrant stands for superior performance, outstanding service, and excellent quality.

Its story

For over 136 years, the small family business produces salt, the Maldon Crystal Salt Company in Essex England. The company has been registered since 1882 and has been operated by the Osborne family for four generations.

Production of Maldon Sea Salt Smoked

They produce the salt in a unique process from the seawater of the Blackwater Delta. Here, where the rainfall is low, the salt concentration is highest. In the beginning, the seawater is filtered and boiled, which removes all impurities. Then production starts. In a particular process, they heat the water until it crystallizes. Simple? Finally, they harvest the salt by hand and smoke it over British oak. It is a remarkable salt.

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