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Maldon,Smoked Sea Salt Flakes Buy Online here in Europe's Spice Shop. We have what Chefs love.

Smoked Maldon Salt , England

Its taste

Smoked Maldon salt is a very special salt. Gourmets know, that salt is not just salt. Many salts have a bitter aftertaste and are grainy. This salt is different, you have to try it if you do not know it. It has a more intense, fine and sweet taste with a fine smoke note and a dreamlike consistency. The wafer-thin salt crystals, which can be described as pyramids, literally melt on your tongue if they leave them there. They are also easy to grind between your fingers.

This salt refines fish and vegetables with its unique unobtrusive smoke aroma. Gourmets from around the world swear by it. Even the Queen of England.

The Maldon Crystal Salt Company received the Royal Warrant for its 130th anniversary in 2012. This is the award of the royal court suppliers in England which have been supplying the Royal Family for at least 5 years with their products or services. The Warrant stands for excellence, excellent service and very good quality.

Its story

The salt has been produced for over 136 years by a small family business, the Maldon Crystal Salt Company in Essex England. The company has been registered since 1882 and is already run by the fourth generation of the Osborne family.

The production

The salt is made in a special process from seawater of the Blackwater Delta. Here, where rainfall is low, the salt concentration is very high. At the beginning, the seawater is filtered and boiled, removing all impurities. Then the production begins. In a special process, the water is heated until it crystallizes. Simple? Finally, the salt is harvested by hand and smoked over British oak.

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