Salt flowers with rose of Sharon

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Salt flowers with rose of Sharon buy online in Europe's Spice Shop Orlandosidee®

Salt flower with rose of Sharon 

Fleur de Sel with rose of sharon is a unique delicate Fleur de Sel blend. It has a very aromatic and delicate fruity-sour note of hibiscus and refines with its unique flavor, for example fish fillet.

Composition: All Natural ( fleur de sel, hibiscus flowers)

Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel, its purity, color and flavor is the result of perfect weather conditions and fine craftsmanship. Fleur de sel is one of the best and most expensive salts in the world and it make the fine difference in cooking. Top chefs and gourmets swear on these fine salt formations. Fleur de Sel has a unique crispy consistency and a pure taste. Fleur de Sel melts slowly in your mouth and mixed with the hibiscus flowers is fantastic. An additional fruity - acidity.

Add some Fleur de Sel with hibiscus flowers to seafood served with pasta or in a risotto. It also tastes great with salads. In addition, the Fleur de Sel with hibiscus has a beautiful color which also sets wonderful accents on your food.

The Making of Fleur de Sel

The production of Fleur de Sel is very elaborate and requires craftsmanship. The salt farmers divert seawater into artificial pools. Here, the seawater evaporates due to the intense sunshine in the summer at high temperatures. What remains is a highly concentrated brine, which is led into a so-called dry pool. On days with a light wind, fine salt crystals settle on the surface of the water. These delicate salt formations are the popular Fleur de Sel. They are then carefully skimmed and dried a little before they are shipped to Europe.

Hibiscus Blossoms (Karkadeh)

Hibiscus flowers also called Karkadeh belong to the mallow family. They have a wonderfully sour aroma and are often used to prepare soft drinks. In other cultures, they are also used as a spice. In Sri Lanka, for example, one mixes hibiscus flowers in curry - this then has a nice reddish-liliane coloring and a sourish aroma. The hibiscus aroma goes well with fish and seafood and salad.

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