Hibiscus Salt- Fleur de Sel with rose of Sharon

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Hibiscus Salt - aromatized Fleur de Sel with Rose of Sharon.

Hibiscus Salt is a unique, delicate gourmet salt mixture made of French Fleur de Sel with Rose of Sharon. It has a very aromatic and delicate, fruity-sour note of hibiscus and refined with its unique aroma, for example, fish fillet.

Fleur de Sel with Rose of Sharon our unique Hibiscus Salt: the aroma

Fleur de Sel hibiscus, its purity, color, and the taste is the result of perfect weather conditions and fine craftsmanship. This salt has long been one of the best and most expensive spices in the world. See for yourself how this salt can make a difference in your cooking. It is not for nothing that top chefs and gourmets swear by these unusual salt formations. It has not only a unique, crispy consistency but also an excellent, pure taste. The best thing is yet to come; this salt slowly melts in the mouth and has an intensely fruity and sour note of the hibiscus flower.

Culinary use

Add some of this salt mixture to seafood, which you serve with pasta or in a risotto. It also tastes great with a salad. Besides, the salt has a sensational color, which also sets lovely accents on your dishes.

Composition: fleur de sel, hibiscus flowers

The production of fleur de sel

The creation of fleur de sel is very complex and requires manual skills from the salt farmers to channel seawater into artificially created pools. Here the seawater evaporates due to the intense sunshine in summer at high temperatures. What remains is a highly concentrated brine, which passes then into a so-called drying basin. On days with a light wind, beautiful salt crystals settle here on the water surface. These delicate salt formations are the famous French fleur de sel. They are then skimmed carefully and dried a little before being sent to Europe.

Hibiscus flowers (Karkadeh)

Hibiscus flowers also called Karkadeh and belong to the mallow family. They have a wonderfully sour aroma and are suitable for the preparation of soft drinks. In Sri Lanka, for example, hibiscus flowers are mixed in curry - this then has a beautiful reddish-lilac color and a sour aroma. The aroma of the hibiscus goes well with fish and seafood, as well as with salad.

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