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Salt flowers Chili Ancho is a salt mixture exclusively available from Orlandosidee.

We mix the French salt flowers from Madagascar, with Chili Ancho, it is a finger salt from Orlandosidee. The pure taste of the Fleur de Sel with its unforgettable crispy consistency refined with the smoky, sweet Chili Ancho.

What are French Salt Flowers?

French Salt Flowers is the famous French Fleur de Sel. It is a natural salt without artificial additives and obtained from the Indian Ocean. Also, it is manufactured, according to an old tradition, in pure craftsmanship. Fleur de sel is the favorite salt among chefs because it is mild and has a genuine taste. It makes Fleur de Sel to one of the most expensive salts in the world.

Fleur de Sel with Chili Ancho Culinary use

This unique fleur de sel mixture with chili ancho goes well with all dishes. Enjoy the unique, crispy texture of the Fleur de Sel with these wonderful fruity and smoky flavors of the Chili Anchos, both with salads and with fried meat and vegetables. It is an exceptional salt that dissolves slowly and is therefore used economically than other salts.

I can particularly recommend our Fleur de Sel with Chili Ancho as table salt. It is suitable for seasoning grilled fish, poultry, meat, lamb, and vegetables. Fleur de Sel Chili Ancho is an elegant companion for a barbecue evening.

The Production of French Salt Flowers

The production of Fleur de Sel is one of the oldest handicrafts. It is also a precise interplay between nature and people. At high tide, they direct the seawater in artificial water basins or lakes. During the day, part of the water in these pools evaporates due to the high levels of solar radiation and the wind carries away the moisture. Behind remains a highly concentrated brine that they pass on to the so-called drying basin. The remaining water evaporates in the drying basin, and sea salt remains.

Fleur de Sel does not form on all days, but only on days, with excessive heat, and very importantly the right amount of wind. Fleur de Sel forms on the top layer, about 1 cm thick. It does not require too much wind but also not too little. Fleur de Sel is a precious mood of nature.

Chili Ancho is an aromatic chili variety. It tastes sweet with a smoky aroma and notes of plums and raisins. It is a medium-hot chili variety with a degree of 3-4 of 10. Chili Ancho is the dried Poblano chili pepper.

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