Ancho Chile ground, Mexico

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  • Description

  • Ancho chilli powder is mild & delicate
  • sweet-smoky taste of raisins & plums.
  • Severity level 3-4 of 10
  • for all dishes you want to give a mild spiciness.

Ancho chili powder from Poblano chili

What is ancho chilli powder?

Ancho Chili powder is nothing else than dry and grinds Poblano chili peppers which are harvest when completely ripe, and hence red. The Poblano chili variety is similar to the sweet pepper. It is pointy, and its green color, when immature, is darker than that of our sweet peppers. The pods are about 11-15 cm long and 6-7 cm wide. When they are fully ripe, their green shell turns red.

What does this chili taste like?

The finely ground chili powder has a sweet, smoky aroma with notes of raisins and plums. It is not as piercing with its heat level 3 of 10 and is therefore also suitable for newcomers to chilies.

Culinary use

This type of chili powder is suitable for all beginners. Their sweet-smoky aroma, with mild sharpness, refines not only dark sauces but also chili con cane. They season Mexican salsas, lamb dishes, barbecue sauces, or red beans.

Harmonizes with the following spices

You may safely combine Ancho Chili with the following spices in your dishes: oregano, black garlic, paprika powder, cumin

A small excursion into the history of chili

Chili peppers come from Mexico and were discovered by Christopher Columbus in his search for pepper. He brought the chili peppers to Europe. Chilies belong to the nightshade family and there are more than 150 varieties. The plant grows up to 60 cm tall and has white flowers. Its heat depends on the climate and the state of maturation of the chili peppers. Their color ranges from green, orange, yellow, red, to black. The substance capsaicin is responsible for the heat level of chilies. 90% of the capsaicin can be found in the white sidewalls of chili peppers. The flesh of the pods is only spicy near these sidewalls.

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