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What is raw cane sugar?

Raw cane sugar is sugar, which is produced from the sugar cane - Saccarum officinarum. The sugarcane itself is a tropical grass plant of grasses (Poaceae) and has its origin in East Asia. It has a stature height of about 3-6 meters and a diameter of about 2-4.5 cm.

Sugar cane makes three types of sugar. First, the white sugar (refined several times), secondly, the light brown raw cane sugar (once refined with low molasses content) or, third, the unrefined whole cane sugar.

Botanical information

The plant is not very demanding, it thrives at temperatures between 25 and 30 ° C and requires a lot of water. So that its roots are not standing in water, they are grown on hills. This allows the water to run off and the plant can not rot. The colder it gets, the less the sugar cane grows. Their growth comes to a standstill at 15 ° C.

Today, the plant grows in many tropical and subtropical regions such as India, Brazil Australia and South Africa. The production is very expensive and labor intensive.

The production

The sugar cane contains about 10-20% sucrose. After the harvest, it is freed from its leaves and finely chopped. As the next work process, the finely chopped pieces are pressed between a pair of rollers and the juice runs out. This sweet juice is then filtered, thickened, processed by crystallization and refining to raw cane sugar. The raw cane sugar still contains a share of molasses.


Sugar, like all spices and herbs, should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.

What can I use raw cane sugar with cinnamon for?

The raw cane sugar with cinnamon from Orlandosidee® has a fine caramel flavor, combined with the warm and woody taste of cinnamon. It is suitable for all Christmas warm drinks, but especially for tea and coffee. It is ideal for the production of baked goods to which you want to add a touch of cinnamon.

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