Chili flakes, red chili coarse - without seeds

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  • Description

  • Chili flakes are mildly hot
  • without seeds
  • fruity chili taste
  • Sharpness scale 1-10: class 3
  • Scoville Scale 2,000 CHU

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How do the red chili flakes taste without seeds?

Our chili flakes are without seeds, red, and of spicy quality. They are also ideal for bringing you, the customer, closer to the AROMA of chilies. It is the dried and chopped chili fruit without the typical yellow seeds. The seeds and the inner walls, which are responsible for the sharpness, were removed during processing. This makes it a very mild chili variety with a delicately fruity and typical chili taste.

Culinary recommendation for chili flakes red

Red chili flakes are an absolute highlight in many dishes. Because of its fruity - slightly pungent taste, it goes well with stews and grilled meat. As well as in our Turkish and Syrian communities, they use it for doner kebabs and salads. The Chinese and Asian kitchens use it in sweet and sour sauces and the South American cuisine for tortilla and burrito sauces.

The spice is also increasingly used to refine the taste of seafood. Together with the juice from a lemon, these chili flakes, which are free of seeds, are perfect for salad dressings, or fish dishes.

Chili pepper is a great appetite stimulant, it has positive effects on the body, a slightly anti-inflammatory function, and last, but not least if dosed well, also an aphrodisiac effect.

Storage of spices

To keep the product for a long time, remember to keep the spice in a dry environment, possibly in airtight containers, and away from sunlight.

Chili crushed hotness scale 1-10: class 3, Scoville Scale 2,000 CHU

Chili flakes without seeds: Botanical information

The chili (chili) is a spice from Central America and was discovered by Christopher Columbus in his search for pepper. He brought the chili peppers to Europe.

Chilies belong to the nightshade family and there are more than 150 varieties. The plant grows up to 60 cm tall and has white flowers. Its heat depends on the climate and the duration of the chili peppers. Their color ranges from green, orange, yellow, red to black.

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