Chili Strings, finely sliced Chillies from China,

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  • Description

  • These are thinly sliced chili peppers.
  • Mild-spicy aroma
  • For seasoning and as a decorative topping
  • Usable for fish, shellfish, salads, soups, hamburgers, and desserts.

Chili Threads - Chili Strings - Angel's Hair

Chili threads, also known as Angel's Hair, are finely sliced chilies from China. These have a wonderfully fruity, mild, spicy aroma. The filigree threads are suitable for seasoning and decorating many dishes such as fish, crustaceans, salads, soups, hamburgers, steak, and also desserts.

Culinary use: Set accents with Chili Threads

These delicious chili threads tingle with their mild sharpness on your tongue and are excellent for flavoring and decorating appetizers such as soups and salads. They also go well with main dishes such as pasta dishes with shrimp or porcini mushrooms.

They add a subtle sharp touch and make you want more. As you know, even eye eats, and chili threads are a special feast for the eyes. With their bright red color, they set delicious accents on dips and appetizers. Chili threads are a popular spice among our star chefs. They are also becoming increasingly popular in the food truck scene and set visual highlights on hamburgers and other dishes. They are beautiful red, and filigree just appetizing.

Angels hair: The production

Do you want to make Angels hair yourself? It's not that hard, but they need some patience and time. If you choose a hot variety, like the Habanero chili, you should wear gloves while preparing them, otherwise painful skin irritations may occur. Hungarian peppers or green jalapeno chilies are also suited.

In the first step, cut the pods in half and remove the placenta and seeds. Then press the chili flat on a workboard and cut off very fine stripes with a sharp knife.

To dry, spread their chili threads on a baking tray with baking paper and place them in the oven for 3-4 hours at 40 °C. The oven door should be open all the time.

Chilis the most consumed spices

Chilis are one of the most consumed spices in the world. They are available with a mild sharpness, fiery sharpness which tears your eyes, and you get a hiccup. They can be roundish or elongated, their color ranges from yellow to orange-red, from green to black. Chilis are simply incredibly diverse and delicate. More than 7000 years ago, discovered and brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus.

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