Chili Strings, China,

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Chili Strings - Angels Hair from China - Buy on-line Exquisite Spices - Europe's Spice Shop Orlandosidee®

Chili strings or Angels Hair, are very fine cut chili peppers. They have a wonderfully mild sharp aroma. They season and decorate many dishes such as fish, shellfish, salads, soups and desserts.

Chillies - The most consumed spices

Chilies are one of the most consumed spices in the world. They have a mild sharpness and may bring a tear to one's eyes. They can be roundish or oblong and their color ranges from yellow to orange to red, and from green to black. Chilies are incredibly diverse and delicate. Discovered and brought to Europe more than 7000 years ago by Christopher Columbus.

Chili Threads - The production

For chilli, medium-sized chillies with a fruity, medium pungency are used. The chilies are dried after harvest and then finely cut. These delicious chillies tingle with their mild spiciness on your tongue and are ideal for flavoring and decorating starters such as soups and salads. But they also go well with main courses such as pasta dishes with shrimp.

They give a discreet crisp note and whet the appetite for more. The eye eats as you know, and there chili threads that are a special feast for the eyes. They set wonderful accents on dips and appetizers with their bright red color. They are delicate and appetizing.

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