Pimenton smoked Paprika powder from Spain, mild sweet

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Pimenton smoked paprika powder mild - Spain

  • Pimenton sweet smoked paprika powder
  • Traditional spice for chorizo from Spain
  • fits poultry, egg, potatoes

How does Pimenton smoked paprika taste?

Pimenton doux smoked paprika powder has a unique, smoky aroma. Furthermore, it is somewhat bitter and sweet at the same time, an interesting combination of tastes. Besides, it is not only something for meat lovers, but it also refines vegetarian dishes such as potato soup, or egg dishes. Due to its unique smoky flavor, it is a great match for these dishes.

What do you use smoked paprika powder for?

Traditionally, the typical salami chorizo uses Pimenton as a spice. This sausage refines countless recipes. If you are vegetarian, you can also use the smoked paprika powder as a spice and flavor by example tofu with it.

In Spain, this finely ground spice powder flavors chicken, lamb, and fish dishes. Due to its fine consistency, it blends well in soups and sauces. It is delicious in beans with tomato sauce.

What is Pimenton?

Pimenton is the Spanish name for peppers. They belong to the plant genus Capsicum and belong to the nightshade family (Solanaceae). They differ in size, color, and taste. Some varieties are spicy, the Chilis. Pimenton is a spice powder made of smoked peppers.

Where does the smoked pepper come from?

The smoked pepper comes from the Western Region of Spain, and its name is Extremadura.

The valley whereby, the Sierra de Gredos flows is very fertile, and ideal for the cultivation of peppers. During the summertime, it is warm, with temperatures around 30 °C and during winters cold. The climatic conditions and the production process is similar to those in the Basque Country for Piment d'Espelettes.

At the beginning of the season, in March, the paprika seeds are sowed in greenhouses. In May, when the plants are large enough and robust, they are planted on the designated terraced fields. Here they grow to full maturity until October.

After the manual harvest, they smoke the paprika over black oak. This process takes 7 days, turning the pods regularly.

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