Bell Pepper Spice - Paprika flakes red & mild

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Bell pepper spice - Paprika flakes red mild

Bell pepper spice, red flakes are similar to fresh sweet peppers. The subtle difference is that the dry paprika is a bit sharper in the end than the sweet paprika. Both belong, like the chili, to the plant genus Capsicum. They are nightshade plants (Solanaceae). The spice paprika - Capsicum Annuum is the most widespread variety in Europe.

Capsicum Annuum is usually a perennial shrub. However, it is not hardy. Therefore, in this country, one speaks of annual plants. Our cold winters kill these plants. Every year they are reared from seed. They can reach a stature height of several meters, and have egg-shaped green leaves with white flowers in the flowering period. This produces the green pepper fruits that turn yellow when ripe and then red.

The pepper flakes are made from sweet peppers. After harvesting, they are dried and then roughly cut.

Culinary use of Bell pepper spice - flakes red mild

The red pepper flakes have a light, sweet aroma, like that of the fresh red bell peppers. You can use them to flavor multiple different dishes. Add it to goulash, salads, chicken, risotto, or minced meat.

Hungary's national spice

At the time of Christopher Columbus, Europeans had little interest in chili. They prefer the expensive black pepper. But other regions around the world find chili very interesting and quickly incorporate them into their cooking culture. It was the Ottoman Turks who bring the chili back to Europe. They introduce it to Hungary, which they then occupied. From here, chili spread across Europe in much more mild forms than in the tropics. The sweet peppers were bred and widely grown.

Storage of spices

Please fill your spices into jars with screw cap closure. Store the glasses in a dark, dry, and cold place. The ideal temperature for storing spices is 15 ° C.

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