Pepper Flakes Green - Capsicum annuum

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Green pepper flakes, Capsicum annuum, from 50 gr - 1 Kg packs - Order now here Europe's Exquisite Spice Shop.

The fresh, sweet pepper and the spice pepper look very similar. They only differ in that the spice pepper is a bit sharper in the end. Both belong with the chili, to the plant genus Capsicum. They are both in the nightshade family (Solanaceae). The capsicum annuum - the spice pepper is the most widespread variety in Europe.

Capsicum annuum is a perennial shrub. But it is not hardy. For this reason, it is also an annual plant in this country. Our frosty winters cause the plants to die off and then they are rearranged from seed again in spring. They reach a stature height of several meters, they have green, egg-shaped leaves and white flowers during flowering. When the flowers fall off, the green peppers produce fruits that turn yellow when ripe and then red.

The green pepper flakes are made from green sweet peppers. After harvest, this is dried and cut roughly.

Culinary use of green pepper flakes

The green pepper flakes have a tart flavor, like that of the fresh green pepper pod. The spice can be used universally. Use it for example in goulash, chicken dishes, risotto or minced meat.

The national spice of Hungary

In the time of Christopher Columbus, the Europeans had no interest in chili peppers. They preferred the expensive black pepper from India. However, the chili was marketed throughout the world and was well received in these other regions. At the time Ottoman Turks occupied Hungary, they brought the chili back to Europe. From Hungary, the chili spread over Europe and ever milder forms were bred.

Storage of paprika flakes

Please fill your pepper flakes into jars with screw cap closure. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. The ideal temperature for the storage of pepper flakes is 15 ° C.

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