Vanilla Salt Flowers - Fleur de Sel with Bourbon Vanilla

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Fleur de Sel with Genuine Bourbon Vanilla from Orlandosidee

Our Fleur de Sel with genuine vanilla from Orlandosidee is an exclusive creation promising culinary excellence at its finest. This extraordinary blend combines the exquisite quality of Madagascar Fleur de Sel with the unmatched elegance of Bourbon Vanilla for a true taste experience.

The Production of Fleur de Sel and Bourbon Vanilla

Our Fleur de Sel is carefully harvested in the traditional salt gardens along the Atlantic coast. This precious harvest is done by hand, and it is distinguished by its unique crispiness and high quality. Known as the Queen of Spices, Bourbon Vanilla, along with Saffron, is the most expensive spice in the world, and it hails from selected cultivation areas where it is meticulously cultivated and hand-picked. Its special sweetness and rich flavor profile make it a true treasure of the spice kitchen.

The Wide Flavor Spectrum of Genuine Vanilla

Genuine Vanilla impresses with its multifaceted flavor profile, ranging from sweet and velvety notes to warm, spicy nuances. This diversity makes it an indispensable companion in upscale cuisine.

Culinary Recommendations for Fleur de Sel with Genuine Vanilla

Our Fleur de Sel with Genuine Vanilla is highly recommended for enhancing vegetable dishes, making it an essential companion for vegan and vegetarian cuisine. The fine crispiness and harmonious interplay of salt and vanilla give your creations a unique touch.

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Ingredients: Madagascar Fleur de Sel - Ground Bourbon Vanilla

Vanilla Salt Flowers - Frech Gourmet Salt

Vanilla Salt Flowers, this French Sea salt with real bourbon vanilla, is a delicate salt mixture.

Fleur de Sel Vanilla is a very delicate and precious salt mixture. Two superlatives meet here. It is also a fascinating mixture of sweet and salty, which is perfect for preparing exotic dishes. It refines sweet and sour dishes such as pork with pineapple but also seafood.

Fleur de Sel Bourbon Vanilla is a very delicate salt mixture. It is a fascinating mixture of sweet and salty, which is perfect for the preparation of exotic dishes. The Madagascar salt flower refined with natural bourbon vanilla for sweet and sour dishes (pork with pineapple) but also seafood.

Fleur de sel with bourbon vanilla

Buy the Fleur de Sel Madagascar mixed with real bourbon vanilla in our online shop. Only with us, there are still high-quality salt mixtures that are made with fleur de sel and not with inexpensive and straightforward sea salt.

Culinary use of Salt Flowers with Vanilla

This luxurious fleur de sel with the precious vanilla is a must with lobster or seafood. You can also season white fish fillets with it. I also particularly like it with green vegetables. It rounds off the taste soft and delicate.

This gourmet Salt is a product where you should pursue your imagination because the spice is beautiful and infinitely usable. The aroma of real vanilla consists of around 170 individual fragrances and is very variable. It is not for nothing that she is called the Queen of Spices.

Fleur de Sel has a delicate, crispy consistency and melts on the tongue. It has no bitter aftertaste like conventional salts and is therefore ideal for this great mixture with vanilla. It has no aftertaste that could affect the delicate aroma of vanilla.

For vegetarians and vegans, this salt is essential, the vanilla rounds off some "corners" of vegetables. So I can especially recommend it to veggies that have a slightly bitter taste. Children especially despise this, but with a hint of vanilla, broccoli will no longer be a problem.

Fleur de Sel Madagascar with vanilla is something special. It is a special gift for foodies.

Ingredients: Fleur de Sel Madagascar - ground bourbon vanilla

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