Salt flowers with mixed spices Creole

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Salt flowers with mixed spices Creole Buy here in Europe's Spice Shop

Salt Flowers -Fleur de Sel -with Creole spices

Fleur de Sel translates to salt flowers. It is the most precious salt in the world. The production of this salt is pure craftsmanship combined with the whims of nature. If you want to know more about the production of Fleur de Sel, please look under this link


The salt flower with creole spices

We make our own fresh Creole spice mixture according to a recipe from the island of Reunion. This mixture is composition of garlic, ginger, Combova, thyme and red pepper. It is highly aromatic and refines with its unique flavor grilled fish, meat and vegetables alike. We have given this high-quality blend in our best salt and have thus created a Fleur de Sel blend that leaves nothing else to be desired.

With this flavored salt you can season salads, meat and grilled fish with a distinctive and unforgettable taste. It is the typical spice used in the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Over the years, it is the best selling Fleur de Sel blend in northern Italy. Thanks to an excellent network of serious and professional retailers, it is now a classic in Italian Restaurants. The field of application can also be extended to many vegan dishes and allows with a single product the flavoring of a variety of dishes. The classic use for seasoning salads is the best known way to get to know its taste.

With its pleasant taste of thyme it is also suitable for seasoning cold pastries.

This Fleur de Sel is also gladly given away on special occasions.


As salt pulls moisture it should be kept in an airtight container. I recommend glasses with screw cap closures. They are environmentally friendly and you can easily sterilize them in boiling water (cook for 5 minutes). All spice jars should be stored dark (protected from direct sunlight), dry and cool.

Ingredients: Fenugreek - Garlic - Ginger - Thyme - Pink pepper

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