Salt flowers with Chili Chipotle green

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Salt flowers with Chili Chipotle green

Salt Flowers with Chili Chipotle green

Fleur de Sel with Chili Chipotle green

Fleur de Sel Madagascar with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green is an aromatic Fleur de Sel is mixture of Orlandosidee® - spices.  The crunchy consistency of the Fleur de Sel combines with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green has a memorable salty - sweet smoky flavor.


Fleur de Sel production

Salt flowers is also called salt flower. It is a natural salt with a crispy tender consistency, obtained from the Indian Ocean, without artificial additives but mixed with chili Chipotle Jalapeno green flakes.

The manufacture of salt flowers is still a pure craftsmanship in accordance with old traditions. The water from the Indian Ocean is directed at high tide into artificial reservoirs. Here the water evaporates very quickly during hot and windy days. When only a highly concentrated brine is left in the water basin it is then sent in a so-called dry basin. On days where it is not as windy, but still a wind is blowing and it is hot enough, then there is a chance that on the water surface a 1 cm thick layer of salt is formed, the Fleur de Sel. Now it must be quickly harvested by hand. Fleur de Sel a wonderfully delicate mood of nature.


Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green

Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green is an aromatic smoked chili variety of the species Capsicum Annuum. It is oblong with a rounded tip. The pods grow 7-8 cm long and are 2-4 cm thick. The immature chili chipotle peppers are green and are smoked after the harvest. Afterwards they taste sweet hot with a nice smoky flavor. Jalapeño chili are used a lot  in the United States in the southern cuisine of Texas and Mexico. They also belong in the TEX MEX cuisine and are versatile used.

Fleur de Sel with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno Green

This unique Fleur de Sel mixed with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green fits really all dishes.  Enjoy the delicate, fine crunchy consistency of the Fleur de Sel with these wonderful smoky flavors of the chili Chipotle's Jalapeno green for salads, fried fish or vegetables.

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