French salt Chili Chipotle green, Fleur de Sel Mix

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Fleur de Sel - French Salt with Chili Chipotle green

Fleur de Sel Madagascar with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green is an aromatic salt mixture from Orlandosidee - Spices. The crispy consistency of the salt flower combined with chili chipotle jalapeno green has an unforgettable salty-sweet and smoky taste.

Chili chipotle jalapeno green

Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green is an aromatic, smoked chili variety of the genus Capsicum Annuum. The pods of that variety are long with a round tip, 7-8 cm long and 2-4 cm thick. The unique thing about this chili is that you smoke the still unripe green chili chipotle bulbs immediately after harvesting. Then they taste sweet and spicy with a pleasant smoky aroma. Jalapeno chilies are widely used in the United States, southern Texas, and Mexico cuisine. They belong in the TEX MEX kitchen and are used in many different ways.

Salt Flowers with chili chipotle jalapeno green

This unique gourmet salt mixture with chili chipotle jalapeno green goes well with all dishes. Enjoy the delicate, finely crispy consistency of the Fleur de Sel with these pleasant smoky aromas of the Chilli Chipotle's Jalapeno green with salads, on fried fish or vegetables.

Manufacturing French Fleur de Sel Salt

Fleur de Sel, the salt flower, is a natural salt. It is distinctive because it has a characteristic, crispy, and delicate consistency. Also obtained from the Indian Ocean, without artificial additives but mixed with Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green.

The production of fleur de sel is still done today, according to the old tradition, in pure craftsmanship. At high tide, the water from the Indian Ocean flows into artificial pools. Here the water evaporates very quickly on hot and windy days. After which the remaining highly concentrated brine is led into a so-called drying basin. On days when it is no longer so windy, but there is still some wind blowing, and it is hot enough, an approx. 1 cm thick layer of salt, the fleur de sel, forms on the water surface. The salt farmers must quickly harvest this by hand before the weather changes. Fleur de Sel is a beautiful and delicate mood of nature.

French salt Chili Chipotle green, from 100 gr - 1 Kg pack selectable from Orlandosidee Spices. Exclusive salt mixtures can only be bought here in the online spice shop.
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