Chili Chipotle Jalapeño green

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Chili Chipotle Jalapeño green, crushed 1-3mm,

The Jalapeño Chili belongs to the plant cultivator Capsicum annuum. They are small to medium
sized peppers with a sharpness of 2500-8000 scoville.

The jalapeño plant grows up to 1.5 meters in height and its fruits, the jalapeños, become
about 7-8 cm long and about 2 cm thick. The jalapeños are initially green and discolor when fully
ripend to red.

The Chili Chipotle Jalapeno green are therefore the immature fruits which have been smoked
for preservation. They have a delicate smoke aroma with a wonderful sharpness.
They refine sauces and soups. I personally spread them on pizza for a pleasant sharpness.

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