Chili green Jalapeño

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  • Description

  • Chili flakes green jalapeño chili taste:
  • fruity, smoky and pungent
  • refine sauces, pizza, omelette's, cheese dips

Chili green jalapeno flakes 1-3 mm

Green Jalapeno chili has a characteristic fruity  and pungent taste. They are part of the everyday Mexican cuisine. You can refine sauces and stews very well with the Jalapeno Chili. They give a wonderfully fruity sharpness and flatter other flavors. The jalapeno chili is one of the most popular chili varieties worldwide because it has a well-tolerated heat, and they spice up with pizza, omelet, salsas, cheese dips, and soups.

Botanical Information: The Chili Plant

Chilies belong to the nightshade family, and there are more than 150 varieties. The plant grows up to 60 cm tall and has white flowers. Their color ranges from green, orange, yellow, red to black.

Jalapeno chili comes from the plant genus Capsicum Annuum and has its origin in Mexico. Their name derives of the city Jalapena in Veracruz. Nowadays, even other countries cultivate them, such as China.

The jalapeno chili is a hot type of paprika. On a hotness scale, from 1-10, the chili jalapeno reaches a level of 6-7. The peppers are 6-7 cm long and about 2 cm wide. They are oval-shaped, due to their rounded ends. They are a meaty chili, and therefore, difficult to air dry. Thus they are smoked, with Mesquite wood for preservation.

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