Salt flowers BBQ spices, Fleur de Sel with BBQ Spices

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Salt Flowers with BBQ spices online in the spices shop

  • Salt Flowers with grilled BBQ spices tastes tart and spicy
  • roasted spices finely ground & mixed with real fleur de sel
  • Luxury BBQ salt mix for gourmets
  • Ideal for meat, salads & dips

Salt flowers BBQ Spices - Unique Salt Blend

Salt Flowers BBQ spices made according to a traditional recipe from the island of Reunion, our unique salt blend. This gourmet salt is refined with grill spices and is composed of the salt flower, caraway, fenugreek, coriander, garlic, and sesame. The delicate fleur de sel mixed with an intensive grill spice mix, turns your grill party into a culinary journey to tropical countries. In a single step, you can season and salt goose liver, red meat, or green vegetables.

Composition: (fleur de sel, caraway, fenugreek, coriander, garlic, sesame)

Origin and production of the salt flower

Fleur de Sel is the salt flower of the sea and a whim of nature. Only when nature wants it, and the weather cooperates, these delicate salt formations form in the salt pans of the salt farmers.

Fleur de Sel produced from seawater. For this purpose, the water of the Indian Ocean is diverted into artificially created water basins. On hot days, the water evaporates in these pools, and a highly concentrated brine remains. This brine passes further on to so-called drying pools, and if the weather is good, they form small, delicate salt crystals on the surface of the water - the fleur de sel. Furthermore, they have to be skimmed off in laborious manual work.

Fleur de Sel is one of the most expensive salts in the world. It is valued worldwide by top chefs for its tender, crispy consistency and its pure, salty taste. Orlandosidee has further refined this beautiful fleur de sel for her. Precisely suitable for the grilling season, but also in winter, we mixed the Fleur de Sel with a unique grill spice mixture.

This mixture makes you extremely hungry. From 100 gr - 1 Kg package Exclusive to buy online from Orlandosidee if you like in the spice shop. The salt mixture for the next BBQ.

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