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  • Description

  • Caraway seeds taste spicy & sweet, similar to anise
  • for cabbage, bread, sauerkraut, quark supports digestion

What are caraway seeds?

Caraway seeds are the spice we know the longest. Even in the Stone Age, Europeans used it for seasoning. Hence, it bears the botanical name Carum carvi, meridian fennel, and Persian cumin. This spice plant of the family umbel blossom (Apiaceae). Also, a two-year-old herb with a growth height of up to 1 meter carries white reddish flower ledes. The field cumin is so-called fission fruit that decays into two parts during harvesting. Furthermore, they are 3-5 mm long, their shape is slightly curved, and their color is dark brown. They also have five notches, which makes it easy to distinguish them from cumin.

Field cumin: aroma and use

Field cumin has a spicy, slightly sweet taste, similar to aniseed. It stimulates appetite and promotes digestion, therefore the right spice to prepare cabbage. Therefore, melt a piece of butter in a saucepan and add finely diced onions and steam them glassy. Then add 1/8 liter of broth or white wine with cabbage. Refine everything with one teaspoon of cumin, five allspice grains, five cloves, one bay leaf, put a lid on the pot, and leave it to cook for 20 minutes over low heat.

The Kümmisch season's loaves of bread, rolls, and savory biscuits have been for quite some time. There is also an old proverb, which indicates that it was a popular spice for baking. With cumin bread and cumin sticks, the most stupid of all Bengel swells.

They use Caraway for the production of spirits, aquavit, gin, brandy, and cumin grains. In addition, it refines sauerkraut, cheese, goulash, potato dishes, and salads.

Extra tip

Caraway flavors well in combination with hot paprika powder, black pepper, white pepper, chilies, and basil.

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