Fine Crystal Salt Himalayan-Style
Fine Crystal Salt Himalayan-Style

Fine Crystal Salt Himalayan-Style

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Fine crystal salt - ground pink salt 0.4-0.8 mm.

Fine crystal salt of the best quality without artificial additives. Himalayan-Style salt for sale, here online in different sizes for daily use from 200 g to 25 kg bags.

Use of fine pink crystal salt in the kitchen

This pink rock salt goes perfectly with Japanese cuisine when it comes to sushi and sashimi. In a traditional Italian kitchen, thanks to the 80 low-mineral elements, it is used practically for all dishes, from pasta to meat to fish and for vegetables or salads. You can use it for slow cooking preparations to season dishes in the oven, such as veal stew, plain baked potatoes, or even bread rolls. The pink salt is also an ingredient in some spice blends. Since it's a soft salt, it doesn't interfere with the flavors of the other spices used in the mix.

Because of its delicate structure, it is easy to dose and is particularly suitable in sauces, marinades, or as a finishing salt on the table in a small bowl.

The secret of crystal salt is its softness. Its mild taste is the only, but the massive difference from ordinary salts. A softness in flavor that makes the dishes much more velvety in taste.

Alternative use of crystal salt in cosmetics

In recent years, Himalayan pink salt has also found use in skin treatments. There, in the aesthetic treatments industry, they are increasingly looking for natural and flawless products. And this salt comes in handy with all its natural properties. In Northern Europe, it is widespread in saunas. Here it is administered before entering as a skin cleanser when sweating in temperature chambers and plates. Plates that serve to create dehumidified rooms, and it is therefore indicated for people with bronchi.


Please store all salts in airtight containers so that it does not draw moisture and clump.


They produce this salt in Pakistan; it comes precisely from the salt mines in Kewhra, the Himalayas' geological foothills. It is also sold locally under Alexander Salt since the salt mines were discovered by Alexander the Great at the time.

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