Crystal Salt ground with Hibiscus

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What is Hibiscus Crystal salt - fine?

Hibiscus crystal salt ground with hibiscus has a fruity & slightly acidic aroma of the hibiscus flowers. The salt itself comes from the salt mines near Pakistan, from the edge of the Himalayas. This salt also bears the name Alexander salt, since the salt mines were discovered in Khewra, around the time of Alexander the Great, 350 years before Christ.

Our retail customers use it in spice calendars or salt bags. Maybe the next time you like to bring your friends a culinary gift. Just pack it up with a few salts and - or spices in small glass jars. Spices are also an ideal gift for work colleagues or neighbors.

Culinary use of hibiscus crystal salt - fish salt

You can use this hibiscus salt like all other salts. The hibiscus flowers give your dishes a floral note. It is, therefore, particularly well suited for fish dishes like seafood, fish fillets, or sea bream baked in foil on a vegetable bed. It also refines marinades for salads, baked goods, desserts, or grilled vegetables & fruits.

What does crystal salt taste like?

The taste of the naturally pure crystal salt is exquisite and mild. It is preferably used as table salt because it is an untreated salt and does not contain any chemical trickling aids, pure nature. It gets its appealing pink color from the iron ions present in the rock and low iron oxide impurities.

What does the wild mallow taste like?

The hibiscus flowers, also known as wild mallow, are ideal for seasoning dishes due to their fruity and sour taste. Furthermore, it exudes a pleasant perfume and colors the plates with a light red color.

We shred them and add them to our fish salt.

Ingredients: crystal salt, hibiscus flowers


Please pour all your salts and spices into glasses. I use jars with screw top closures. They prevent the salt from becoming damp and clumping. Besides, it would help if you generally stored spices in a cool, dry place and protected from sunlight to ensure long shelf life.

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