Creole Spice Mix - delicate spice blend

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Creole Spice Mix

  • the Creole spice mixture is aromatic & spicy
  • for refining salads, vegetables such as artichokes & feta cheese
  • conveniently buy online in the spice shop

Creole spice mix based on a recipe from the island of Reunion

The Creole spice mix is something extraordinary and also only available here in the online spice shop. Made according to a method of the isle of Reunion. Select the container size you need, and we have spice packs from 50 g to 1 kg.

The restaurateurs of the beautiful island of Reunion have been experimenting with spices for a long time and keep producing new and surprising spice blends. Not only because of their passion but above all due to their love for spices, this recipe was born. Now we can eat and taste these flavors in Europe today.

Culinary use

As part of vegetarian cuisine, this spice mix goes well with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichokes, or eggplants, but also with feta, the typical Greek cheese.

If you want to use this mixture in connection with a versatile kitchen, we recommend trying it with baked or fried sea bream, and you will be surprised by the extraordinary taste.

When flavoring meat, you can sprinkle it on beef or pork chops while frying, or you can prepare a marinade with the mixture. To do this, put two teaspoons of Creole spices with olive oil in a jar and then brush your meat with them before grilling or roasting them.

The Creole spice blend is a delicate and balanced combination of garlic, ginger, thyme, and Baie Rose. You can surprise your family and guests with this mixture.

Storage of spices and spice mixtures

It's easy to store spice mixes and spices properly. All you need is a couple of jars with a screw cap. It is best to sterilize the jars in bubbling boiling water for 5 minutes before use. Also, keep your spice jars in the dark, cold, and dry place. They must be protected from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: fenugreek, garlic, ginger, thyme, red pepper

May contain traces of mustard and celery

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