Pampa Steak Seasoning

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Pampa Steak Seasoning Buy our Argentinian Blend in our spice Shop

PAMPA is our Argentine spice preparation for steak. This classic spice combination combines the typical flavors of Argentina. Everyone uses this delicious spice blend whether they are in the pampa or in the big city. It is simply delicious and includes all the ingredients for a good meal of grilled meats.

Culinary use of Pampa Steak spice

Pampa Steak spice, is a typical Argentine spice preparation for barbecue meat. Put the meat, that you like to marinate in a plastic bag with a little bit of olive oil and 1-2 teaspoons of pampa steak spice. Shake everything vigorously and leave it to marinate in the refrigerator overnight. At least one hour before barbecuing, it is important to remove the meat from the fridge so that the meat is at room temperature. If you grill the meat when it is still too cold it turns hard and not soft and juicy the way we like it.

Pampa is also suitable for flavoring delicate dips for vegetables. To do this, take a cup of cottage cheese or yogurt and add some pampa steak spice to taste.

Another fine thing is herb butter made with pampa steak spice. Add to some soft butter and mix it with pampa, roll it into baking paper and put it back in the fridge. Before serving, cut small coin herb butter for each person.

Composition: onion, pepper, parsley, garlic, sugar, salt, oregano, paprika.

May contain traces of celery and mustard.

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